The Disruptive Education Conference – Panel

Do it as a as a as a couple perhaps like When Harry Met Sally I’m dating myself but that’s always it’s great and Jack black from the school of rock he is a great speech and you.

Work on the pronunciation you video you videotape but you record it you you put it on to something it can be a digital device or it can be just a voice memo or whatever device you want to use and and you go.

Through that pronunciation with them gives them that sense of realness and you can use it as part of your.

Lesson if you’re teaching a certain theme or activity or you can it can take up a whole lesson so I love using drama and real-life drama for movies right into your class and I love singing.
Too so singing is always fun love to have a song you have.

A song and work through that pronunciation as well and even if you take.

Parts of the song so depending on how long their semester is if it’s a week if it’s a month you could take parts of.

The song lines of the song I’ve broken down a song with different students so you have because it’s embarrassing to sing by yourself actually I.

Use it as a punishment if they don’t and I don’t speak English in my class they sing a song and so we went through the entire song for the week or the two weeks that I have them in that semester and and and.

Really it’s a fun way to introduce pronunciation to them as well just ahead of the.

Some plants and currency in here I was part of verbal she want.

To learn this is me from the it’s against that musical the greatest showman that was part of her homework every lesson as you learned to send them two lines from the song every day that is what might bring is ESL school each student just take one line just remember that one line and I pieced it together in an audio file it’s on YouTube every challenge would be a rap song that’s where your that’s where you really is level and I’ve actually got students.

To in my pronounciation class to actually write a rap song okay and around the sounds that we’re studying and then you know you can make a video.

As well so there actually there’s a few videos out there rap videos which is really fun yeah so with juniors having the mic was a question and tell some people ask you or that you would like to bring forward which is why does some people fail and some people succeed in yourself yeah I mean that’s a great question why do some people fail why do some people succeed and I often tell the teachers is it’s on the.

Teacher to somehow connect with a student it’s and I failed as a teacher some students and I some students have.

Been very very successful as well and when I reflect on why they failed it’s because I never found the receptor that point that connects us and when you have a bigger class of 15 20 25 students it’s hard to buy each person’s Receptus and what connects you to that person and some is very easy you automatically connect with them and you can help.

Them but if you can’t find it cannot.

A struggle the teacher and you’ve got a better kind of deed your way in to find out what makes that it’s interesting because also you know when I first started teaching in Japan many many years ago when I had.

Hair I had a lot of hair like more than an inch and when I when I when I started teaching they were so.

Scientific in Japan so they would.

Actually break down each teacher and how good we were at connecting.

With different types of students and they would they came up to me that the manager in the sales department about to me and.

Said James you are very good with a young voice translate well so I I was very strong with young boy descent it’s always remembered I never forgot that line so I don’t know why but I teach men better than women and certain women I do well with and certain men I do well with and certain age groups I do well with.

And it’s funny it’s funny where you kind.

Of recognize your talent as as connecting with with those people just naturally and so that’s something that.

I’ve always remembered – all right I do have a question actually that will involve is abit I think so maybe I.

Can say what has been or what could you say a comment do you deal with a lot of entrepreneurs what would is there any themes you found with things that they tend to struggle with and then after you know with the three up here the other speakers all have their own businesses so they can talk about their own struggles I thought as well okay it’s so much I want to say.

I’m trying to organize it my brain I think again it comes down to.

Awareness of awareness of your own working style some people who are technical thinkers will forget that in order to move in a car you can sit stable in a car and turn the steering wheel and you’re not going anywhere right if you’re.

Just mulling things over and thinking what direction you should go if you put your foot on the gas and put it into drive.

First and then put it gas then you’ve got some movement going then you can steer then you can get.

Direction so I say to people.

Who are overthinking we’re just gonna get started okay we’re going to do a few things that are going to get you started and then we’re going to find direction and you may take a little the lighthouse route and I was born in Nova Scotian the lighthouse route hugs ashore and it’s a little curvy but it’s nice it’s a nice journey right nice view so you may.

Not take the highway you may take the lighthouse route but you get there and.

And if you don’t start then you can’t start you gotta start somewhere and for me it was starting that I’ve started a few different businesses it’s kind of following trends that are out there and I’ll.

Talk a little bit about it in my presentation but I can speak to.

One right now what is the podcasting trend and you can listen to the James Wright show on Apple podcasting or stitcher commercial and you can you know I’ve been following podcasting for for several years and I was fascinated by it but it wasn’t really it was kind of a niche thing and I would say over the last couple of last year maybe 16 months podcasting has really started to explode and everybody’s got a podcast now and so.

I felt that was a trend where maybe I started a little bit too late I should start a media your earlier but it’s a trend that’s on the upswing and I’ll talk about.

That a bit more in my presentation some trends in education technology that I see for the future where you can look at you can start thinking about now and even researching and and looking what do you know where.

Is this going to be in 10 years and should I invest my time and training and certification and maybe.

Going back to school to learn it or not is that.

Something where I need to look at so we’ll talk I’ll talk about that as well I’m going to talk about.

It printers as that students so we’re suddenly we’re learning it by.

Doing and having a conference we’ve learned it by doing it so it wasn’t that there were students I think something that really pulls the baddest they really want to be perfect.

They’re not perfect they’re going to make fool of themselves or it’s going to be a disaster but so it’s don’t be afraid to.

In fact get all excited promise because it means you’re doing something at niche you’re moving forward it isn’t pretty it’s a messy messy thing and you have your strengths and you have your weaknesses you’ve got to address.

Your weaknesses but it’s a ride it’s a it’s a great ride but no it’s not about because perfect some of its just awful but yeah just embrace those fails because they’re taking you somewhere just like a student preaching.

To the choir go and last and they’re already Canada’s talked about a lot of the struggles that have gone.

Through that windy road the lighthouse road.

Has been exactly my path right there is no direct he a tepee it’s just we’ll get there Elizabeth just hold on the.

Long narrow but as long as you’re still moving by going on to the technology point.

We’ve always stayed true to the core of our program we’ve incorporated technology as.

A tool as a supplement so you know students can use like Quizlet to listen I used to record personalized mp3 files upload those to Dropbox and you know hang out daily notes on like a Word document I just do dingy dogs they have a good classroom.

Okay but we’re still using them as a tool to supplement the core value of our program I think that’s something oh podcast I’m gonna start up English program hunters to all do the English on podcasting but do you know how to do this on.

Your knees is that your strength is that we last want the best students on the podcast thanks to changed nicely we hosted this show with students and there was a great experience they’re never gonna walk they had the podcast for life now thanks to you put myself on this bubble of blue we make.

It asked in light of some of the challenges with the ESO industry from.

Your perspective where do you think what do you think future ESL business models will look like or it could look like I think James is gonna get.

Into that nest fifth time everyone is gonna be talking about that shortly I think I think nothing beats real life face-to-face interactions experience is not.

Failure right in front of someone but you know you could have a taste of that.

With virtual reality and you know you get on.

Those goggles and you can meet suddenly the world is open to you you can have your virtual reality language coach so I think apps or any other games gonna touch a little bit about that’s what I think the whole industry is shifting from teaching to coaching so if you think of a football coach she doesn’t tell the same story to the running back as he does to the quarterback as he does to defensive player and she knows the coach knows everything about the sport but he’s really really selective.

About what he gives to each player and that’s the difference between.

Coaching and teaching well I would like to.

See the industry move to some implementing some of the new methodologies teaching methodologies that are out there and that starts at the teacher training level whether it’s with the shelters or with the.

Tests those certificates those programs need to be upgraded and I haven’t seen the teachers in the last couple of years coming out but when I was when I owned my own language school the teachers that were coming out were pretty much cookie cutter type teachers they were doing all the same activities all the same thought patterns and it wasn’t wasn’t.

Good guys it wasn’t interesting and I’d like to see.

Learning like a Nash is doing more flipped learning methodologies being taught more project-based learning methodologies being taught in the ESL program because what to do now is 1990s stuff.

And we need to get up at the 21st.

Century and yeah 18:18 night and you know there’s a lot of great stuff happening in the u. they’re doing a lot of great boot camps and training sessions for teachers.

But it’s not here in Canada and I’m a little bit disturbed by that and worried about that for Canadian test level teachers but there’s a lot of good stuff happening down in the US and a lot of work workshops that are going on for for teachers to help them with these new methodologies so I’d like to see that being done more and.

Get away from the communicative approach and let’s introduce teachers and give.

Them a variety of methodologies because number one methodology is going to work that we need a variety and you need to pull those out to find those receptors in the students it could be a project based learning week could be a mobile learning week it could be a flipped class you can do a lot of different methodologies and I don’t think I don’t think that the tehsil programs are preparing teachers well enough for.

That so you know how there’s medical tourism where people from Canada go have surgery and they recover in India enjoy the experience and get a little sightseeing in I thought English tourism so if you’re studying don’t already is yeah if you’re already if you’ve specializing in certain culture you know having the tour that by bilingual speakers so that you could really maximize their English absorption on tour there’s thing believes that you that you.

Want to come in time well I think this is part of what we’re.

Gonna explore tomorrow so tomorrow morning its next steps yeah and we tried to cover some tension or small business and experiencial learning these are some of the big targets.

So what’s the direction I don’t really know so much it depends on feedback and what people ask for what they need.

So we’re defining the direction yes conversations like this did.

You guys have any questions that you were thinking about it possibly that’s game yes go for it my question is that the entrepreneurial spirit is great but one of the things that usually fails is being able to make money and and so let me along with all of the great ideas.

To treat it as a business and if you’re gonna make it move forward you need to make.

Certain amount of money in each step of the way to make it all progress otherwise it’s it’s not possible to make it going in the future so how do you do that that was the first topic.

That came up for for tomorrow morning was financing Union grants and the money was the.

Number one topic not sure of any one any one comments going for it well I think through by know Joseph man no choice of.

Male being laid off and came into the trauma Business Development Center pitching it and getting into it I was fortunate to get funded by the government to some extent to weak Elizabeth.

Get that mentoring coaching to start my business so I think I think there are still government initiatives out there like there’s some but you know I’m going to do a little bit of a history lesson in that women have always typically been more successful in men.

And business because women didn’t.

Use to get loans business loans and so I think there’s something to be said for bootstrapping at your business and that means doing it as economically as possible while you’re getting ready to make money and a lot of entrepreneur a lot of people I mean but everybody has an emotional relationship with money.

And we’re often willing to compromise our price very quickly because no you don’t want to pay that Oh discounted or discounted it’s not worth it if you know what you’re worth.

And you know what the value is and the benefit to your.

It figure out another way that you can work around that give them more value for the same price that sort of thing I have a workshop called the understanding money and it reveals to yourself your emotional relationship with money and so it’s very a very important question to make money some people also spend money very readily and they save some money to start a business and they spend more.

Readily than they need to because I have it and I say to them you know you have to have a couple of months in the bank so so that you’re not panicked because when you’re negotiating with somebody in your hand honey they can smell it they can smell that you’re willing to compromise on the price of your service so have the money there.

So that you’re not constantly thinking well if I don’t get them they won’t I won’t make the rent this month you know that sort of thing but yes making a fair price finding your market it may not be.

The person oh it won’t be the person who feels they can’t afford to purchase we did a lot of work around that what was a good market in the ESL area so there’s a lot of things that go into you know.

Doing what you love but then finding the right market and selling them at fair and profitable price and I.

Would say that education is a tough business to make money it’s a tough business and so it suggests.

To teachers who are maybe you know under 35 looking for a change maybe thinking about starting up their own business to keep your job and look at other aspects that you could slice off to do a niche area to work.

In and see if you can build up a clientele and if that.

Niche areas what Nash was doing on the spot you can do it on Saturdays you can start off with work if you want to teach teachers about how to do a EdTech you can do it on Saturdays or in the evenings and see if there’s money there don’t quit your job and try to grow.

Because it’s it’s a tough it’s a tough industry to make.

Money in the education industry so and the other option that you should have is is if you’re in again.

In the under 35 age range you need to think about having multiple sources of income okay so one can be the workshops one can be coaching one could be teaching online you need to have multiple sources of income you can’t rely on.

One income especially for those younger generations where you’re not going to be able to stay in a nice job for the 4 30 Dijonnaise TG job for 30 years and get.

A pension at the end that’s not going to happen so you need multiple jobs and multiple revenue streams that create your comfort zone and hopefully one of them can take off from there.

So that’s what I would say by finding the last is there any questions that you guys had here and are there any questions online of our voices we think anything ends or anything online team looks great and we appreciate all the knowledge thank you for that online.

Comment so I thought maybe for the last thing we can talk about the because I want to I want you to feel free to to say the things that we want to attack tomorrow the hackathon that the big questions that.

We can’t actually get to now but things.

That are on your mind and you think that.

Are the most pressing issues that we need to think about for me something just came up recently just the idea of collaboration you know I am a small fish in this huge ocean of language schools who are dominating in the industry why was hurting from them from.

Possibly collaborating in some fast and you might say the institution’s the purportedly you can’t work with that little guy oh but you know how can we do more collaboration.

To support young niche markets that really are having an impact of.

Disruptive impact trying to change the status quo content updating content so tables with different topics and different specialist at the tables so you’re going to have a rich conversation topic and how you.

Deliver the content I think is another tool that we didn’t discuss and also I want to talk about scam a lot it has not much you know as I thought a hashtag scam a lot judy’s that do you unexplained yeah the way English is.

Being taught announced business it’s already it’s already lost its credibility part of the problem is the teachers haven’t been trained up to snuff and students are finding English lessons elsewhere yeah and think they finally.