The Disruptive Education Conference – Panel

Got wise to grammar and everything we discussed this morning that isn’t the way to teach English so we’re into a new conversation what is the way so great it’s on the table let’s just address left what are we playing London to look at Digitalism event I think the nature of the client and our customers changed.

Drastically and we have to address that customer and their expectations we have students taking vacations from their current school to join parties so the nature of the client what they want what they’re expecting is a very different you have to give value to your customer Riskin is to.

That find your peeps find your people because there’s no point in knocking on doors that you know aren’t friendly doors.

There’s tons of people who want to collaborate with you and find them thank you can close that’s fantastic well with that we’ll wrap up the oh.

Sweet start straight continue that’s responsive okay we will leave it at that I’m sure that you may have questions that you are thinking about the biggest challenges will be the ones that we will be talking tomorrow at 9:00 a. at our hackathon let’s give her a round of applause to our panelists we only begin to set up for our third guest speaker James Rhodes you.