Tag: 5 Least Used Luxury Items 3.0 || Autumn Beckman

Hi YouTube autumn Beckmann here welcome to my channel or welcome back to my channel today I have a tag video for you this one I was tagged by leo lyon lv a long time ago and it was probably a couple of months ago sometime earlier this summer and stuff falling over on my desk and i never got around.

To doing it because we were moving and all this stuff happened so if you follow my channel you know all the stuff that’s been going on so I’m doing it now so.

Linda I apologize for not doing this sooner but.

I’m doing it now this tag has 5 items well it’s it’s called the 5 at least used luxury goods tag 3.0 and I believe it was started by minx 4 also I’ll link both of their channels below and for Leoline I’ll be a link her tag video where she tagged me so it’s just called 5 least used luxury goods so you could pick any five but I picked five categories just to make it easier for myself I picked an accessory a bag an SLG.

A canvas print a Louboutin canvas print and an inspired bag because you’ll know I have some inspired bags too and some of you are into that stuff but you might be interested so let’s start with the accessory my least used accessory in general not just this particular one.

Is my I have a small silk scarf collection and of my silk scarves my 35 by 35 inch square scarves I never use I’ve bought several of them because they are gorgeous this one is by salvatore ferragamo they’re little works of art and i love them.

So much i love the colors of the.

Ones i have and i have worn them before but i just have not found a way to wear them that i feel like is flattering on me I mean you can take them and kind of roll them up I’m going to just do a terrible job here but roll it up in time on a bag but then they’re really big and bulky even on a big bag like the speedy 35 I mean that is big so.

They tend to just sit in my closet I used my Bandos I used smaller scarves that are square that do look better tied on a bag in my opinion I also use really large scarves like my LV monogrammed shawl I use that that’s one I actually wear as a scarf for warmth and not just decoration.

There’s 35 by 35 squares though I just have had so much trouble with and I have books on how to wear them and I have the little.

Hermes cards that give you different ideas I just don’t feel like.

Any of it works for me so if you wear those scarves tell me how you wear them because I would love to know in the comments section below maybe you have some ideas that I haven’t tried yet that would allow me to use my scarves I don’t want to sell them because I really love them but I don’t know how to use them so that’s why they’re one of my least used items number two is.

The bags I had some trouble deciding.

On a bag that I picked this one there are a few that I don’t wear very often there are some that I don’t wear often just because I only wear them for certain occasions like some evening bags and.

Things but of the day to day bags I don’t wear my speedy 35 it’s a vintage speedy 35 very often at all.

This bag is about 30 years old maybe a little older I don’t quite remember and one of the reasons is because the patina is so dark I bought this at a pretty cheap prices about $300 I got it to be a project bag I’ve planned on painting.

It painting my dogs on it maybe my bird somewhere but I.

Haven’t decided for sure if I want to that and I’d plan.

Summer and never had time because of all the stuff that was happening I don’t know the size doesn’t deter.

Me because it’s a great size if you’re thinking about a 35 then you think it’s too big and you think.

A 30 is a good size for you consider the 35 if the 30 is just a little bit too small the 35 is not that much bigger when I first saw one in person I thought oh that’s not that much bigger that’s exactly what I thought so that’s why I.

Bought one yeah and I think you can get the 35 a little cheaper than the 30s because they’re not as sought-after also I had the table replaced on this one recently I had Louie Vuitton replace it was $30 because the original tab was about to rip off and I noticed something on this when I got it out of the closet today and the only reason I noticed it was because I watched a video by Lou Vuitton.

Coffee lover I’m gonna link her video below and she pointed it out on her Mon monogrammed bag that she just got look at this so there’s the tab and.

You can see the lines on the edges there and then flip it over and.

That that rough suede this one is from.

Japan it has some Japanese characters on it that’s what that is but it’s not that rough suede that’s usually on the bottom they’re new tabs are coated canvas on both sides only the top has the lines around the edges but yeah it’s coated on both sides I hadn’t even noticed.

That and I’ve had it for a few weeks or maybe two months because I got it done this summer I think the main reason I haven’t worn it is because the handles are a little bit darker than I would like them to be but.

I also know that I bought it that way thinking that I would have them dyed black and paint the bag so I don’t know I just have ton of mixed feelings about this bag and that’s why I don’t wear that one so much so the third item that I picked or the.

Third category I picked for this tag was accessories or SL G’s not accessories SL G’s and this does my least used the only reason it’s the least used is because I consider this a seasonal piece this is something that I bought only to wear in the winter specifically between Thanksgiving and Christmas so this was the 2017.

Christmas animation with the Penguins and on the back it’s this blue color and I wore it just about every day.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2017 I bought this brand new it’s one of the few items that I purchased at the store I got it as soon as it was released because I wanted to make sure I got it and it was released and it’s about a year ago is August because it was right after during Hurricane Harvey and I remember it was released and I couldn’t.

Get to the store quite yet because of Harvey cuz Houston was still flooded so that.

Is one of my least used pieces but only because of it.

Being seasonal of the three Louboutin canvas prints that are made for women the monogram the Dom yeh have been and the dummies or the least used for me of those is the Azure and that is mostly because I think of it as.