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A summer item again a seasonal thing now I totally think you can wear this year-round but I tend to grab it more in the summer than anything else and this summer like I said in another tag video recently I have purchased several azure pieces this year and I’ve just been carrying azure almost non-stop this summer.

I’m almost nothing else so I really love it but of the three year round this is the one I grabbed the least I tend to.

Go for a bend more than anything else I do like monogrammed in the fall I feel like monogram is the most casual of the prints and a Ben is the most dressy and then the Azur is the more summer I haven’t had.

Any problems with color transfer a lot of people avoid Azur because of that but I’m also careful with how I wear it when I wear it with the jeans that I wear have been watched a million times so I don’t.

Worry about color transfer on that usually the same thing goes for the tops that I wear with and then the last category I threw in here was inspired bag so you all know I have some Chanel inspired some.

Hermes Birkin and Kelly inspired bags.

I even have some Vuitton inspired bags this is the one that I carry the least often this.

Is a Birkin 35 inspired bag and a pink ostrich and it’s made by a nafeel I carry this so not often so rarely there you go that I have this bag up for sale and if you’re interested I’ll link that below this bag is made by a nafeel I purchased it off Amazon I don’t think they offer the pink ostrich anymore it’s a hot pink I hope you can tell that on the screen and is.

A very bright pink and that’s the reason that I don’t carry this bag i I bought it thinking I want to get outside the box because I’m always buying neutral colors and go with everything and I wanted just some kind of pop of color that was really.

Not me and I love it I think it’s really beautiful it’s just not me so I don’t grab it very often I’ve carried it two or three times that’s about it I love to look.

At it it just doesn’t really go with my wardrobe so that’s why I don’t carry.

This particular bag also of all my inspired bags the Birkin 35s are the ones that I thought I heard somebody coming in my door the ones that I carry the least.

For two reasons one is that they are so similar to the originals they look so similar that I do have a little bit of concern about.

People thinking I’m carrying a fake the other reason is that I tend to use my Birkins as briefcases.

Little heavy for me for handbags especially since they don’t have a shoulder strap and I tend to carry things on my shoulder it’s better for my back if I carry things on my shoulder I notice my back problem.

Is flaring up more often if I’m carrying a heavy handbag in my hand so those are the reasons that I don’t.

Carry the Birkin 35 inspired bags that very often I do want to show you something though when I got these out I had noticed.

I just took the little lock off just a little tip on how to wear bag charms on this bag I like to do that I don’t like to wear the Birkin inspired lock because it has the H on it just like the Hermes box and I feel like that’s a fake lock but it’s an inspired bag so I like to put something else on the walk there some kind of bag charm and I have some they’re just gold pieces that I think probably.

Look better but this one’s pretty playful and that looks cute too and it has the little pink purse that the Penguins carrying so it certainly ties in to this color and.

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