How To Download Jewelry Pictures From Your Paparazzi Jewelry Orders

Hello today we’re going to talk about how to download product pictures from your paparazzi orders now with your starter kit this is not an option because the pizzas and the starter kits vary sometimes they change about every week sometimes a little more often sometimes a little less often but it’s difficult to keep up with but every single order.
After that you will be able to pick.

A piece by piece and you’ll be able to download the stock photos for the items that you picked so to get to that we’re at paparazzi accessories calm you can see the main page right here and then in the top right corner we’re going to click either login or profile I’m currently logged in so you.

Can see my profile right here if I wasn’t I would click login and then enter my consultant number and password so that I would be able to be logged in and then you’re then click on profile once you’re logged in so top right corner it’s gonna bring you to a page that looks very similar to this right now there is a.

Promotion for bling but it’s going on if you don’t see this in your back office that is totally fine that’s just something that’s going on june of 2018 so right hand column right here you want to click the bottom button my order history and that.

Is going to take you to a page like this it’s going to.

Show you your different orders and then you can click on maybe the most recent one you didn’t you weren’t able to download those images so it’s going to show you each of the pictures.

Right here you can click this button over here on the right hand side and download this picture that you see right there with the white background of this individual photo if you just need.

One if you would like the entire order which is what is the most common you’ll come down here to the bottom and click prepare order images if you just do featured images it’s going.

To do the pictures like this with the let’s see if I can show you a little closer up it’ll do pictures that look like this with the white background not on a model those are the default product images if.

You want a picture that looks more like on the model or both then on this other page you need.

To click all images down here so featured images is the white background only all images will do the white background and on the model also with necklaces it will show you what the.

Earrings look like so then you’ll click right there prepare order images you can see that’s changing as it adds those images to a folder and now it’s ready for you to download it’s going to be in a zipped file so that’s important because we’re gonna need to unzip.

That file so I’m gonna just click on downloads and we’ll save it you can see down here in the bottom corner it is downloaded so I’ll click that and it opens up okay here’s the zipped file it won’t let me do anything with the pictures in this file because it is zipped so it makes it a little easier to email and to download but it makes it very difficult to post pictures so top right corner up here you’re gonna click extract all and then it’s gonna ask where are you.

Wanting to put these so you can browse and find a place on your computer and then I’m to ready click search folder come back to here and click extract and here we go they are ready to download so you can see that I just did the featured images so all these have.

The white background and then the hostess rewards graphic comes anytime you earn a hostess reward so I usually just delete that okay so this is how to get two orders if it is the past order when you are shopping and you complete an order once you’re done it will take you to a page that looks almost exactly like this and it will say order complete and it will give.

You the option to download that the image is there now if you’re doing this on a phone maybe an iPhone or an Android phone it is a little different in the that accompanies this video I will post the link to the paparazzi dorks they’re some of our IT guys and they walk.

Through how to download a zipped file to your phone and how to extract that so that you can use those images theirs might be a program that you have to download it just depends on your phone so be sure and check that link out okay thanks for watching thanks for checking in and good luck with.