Puppy In My Pocket Series 9 Full Case Set Unboxing Toy Review | Pstoyreviews

Hey guys it’s Shannon you Paul and today we have puppy in my pocket series 9 yes we do we have a full case thanks to the nice people at just play toys for sending these to us so we could take a look with you guys look how cute these are there are puppies there are white picket fences it’s.

Like a dream come true that’s right series 9 there are lots of puppies I don’t know if we can.

Find all these in this series or not but the good thing is there’s gonna be a checklist in size yeah balls can open the first one we’re gonna open.

Till we find the full set or run out of.

Pack all right there is an ultra rare pup yep right there so hopefully with that litter of puppies our ultra rare yep this is actually pretty funny because yeah there it is now it’s like really thin we just ended up.

We’ve just finished a Paul versus Janna where I ended up getting a whole bunch of puppies you guys can check that out make sure you vote ok this looks like a cocker spaniel to me oh whoa this is a big series okay that’s Mackie the Irish setter Mackie the Irish setter good morning to you my name be Becky Shepherd’s body okay so here’s our checklist for series 9 there are some exclusive.

Pups found in the puppy play Park and collector space here is the ultra rare pup jewel the dachshund okay or doesn’t however you like to say it.

And then check out all these puppies we can get there are a ton of these earrings for our rare puppies okay so we have our work cut out for us we do my dad didn’t open so we really have our work cut out for us we’re gonna use our handy dandy scissors okay we’re gonna give Paul.

Lord puppy has a bow this is trainer the Papillion okay or Papillon how do you say it Peppa Juan Pablo me take Papa one I’ll go with that very cute I like this puppy’s ears it looks like a koala bear koala puppy come on puppy yep yep trainer we have Simon fur up.

Here Jimmy oh okay I’m gonna.

Look at this one this looks like a little hound dog it does look like a little hound dog who are you I think this is.

Arnie the sweets are wolf hound yes I think you’re right yeah my name is is Arnie do.

Have a nice movie oh no what there is dog in the series that’s kind of unlike husky it’s the Alaskan Malamute treat your recipe I want frosting okay come on Frost I love the name love it all oh look at this one looks like a dollar I had when I was little this is a better Scotch flat-coated retriever so cute I had a little dog.
That looked very similar to this and her name was taffy he was.

A very cute dog she’s a flat-coated retriever she’s like yeah I will go eat your cook for you as long as it is.

Flat if it’s wrinkled not giving it hmm I don’t like to iron yeah well then I won’t be getting a cold food because I only.

Get flat coats all right butterscotch next one that is a cute doggy is this that’s Auggie okay kita.

Okevia kita that’s funny my grandparents actually had a dog named doggy.

Was an Akita um no it was a collie mix Akitas are great dogs there ohyeah the Akiba temper dude all right hey cute little puppies oh this puppy has a newspaper it looks like that’s one of.