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The rares that’s Beasley a st.
Bernard mix Oh super-cute Beasley Saint Bernards Saint Bernards to me just look like they need hugs you just want to go up.

And give one a big hug because.

They’re so soft and fluffy you all of you that’s okay dog drool is sanitary they pull making faces at me Paul doesn’t like dogs it kind of is.

Alright here we go all right we.

Have a cute little brown dog in you this who is Matt that’s tabby the golden retriever heavy humor okay this is one of like the dark golden retrievers yep she’s old you got coffee receivers she does I thought it was a pup she’s a.

Retriever yep yep going to comic-con way to this weekend got my outfit order that’s pretty funny okay oh you’re this puppy with a little better Ascot only the lab.

Lab Terrier lab Terrier it’s wearing an ascot it is and it’s named Ascot mmm actually looks like it’s wearing a napkin nah it’s a handkerchief or a nikkor chief yep Ascot Prescott it’s so cute I want to puppy oh good detail they put the face yeah these are really detailed yeah and these.

Are a great size you guys to use like with Barbies like in your Barbie doll houses or things like that these puppies make a perfect size.

Yep okay next I think that’s prints when Pekinese is that present a party like it’s 1999 yeah yeah because Prince Prince the bikinis actually I am the puppy formerly known as Prince I’m gonna be a simple male the symbol on.

Its head yeah that little white catch on at your head all right Wow Shannon is opening this one I’m gonna give a shout out to little blue tower hurricane Hall is reading my notes gonna read the under shout out oh I couldn’t read this nice okay so little blues probably laughing right now okay little blue had lost.

Week or so have a hurricane Michael and they just thought their power back on so they were really happy and I was just gonna mention that that that was so cool that you had your power back on and we were glad we made.

It through the hurricane okay good job whoo sorry about that so Paul has just cracked me up that’s hilarious now you want to try to read the other sure is it sweetly love Jesus its I’ve gotten a best sweet L III yes that’s what.

I would say really loves Jesus we love Jesus yes or love hey Suz oh don’t know so sweetly love Jesus can’t be in charge of shoutouts anymore Paul is fired from the shoutouts okay let’s see who we have okay Paul is blushing okay this is Cooper and he will you know yeah and it is a rare.

Puppy I love the blue eyes yeah and it kind of reminds me of a German Shepherd a little bit yeah but with blue eyes mm-hmm okay so Cooper okay next up I like the name Jasper yep fun fact we had a foster kitty.

For a while that we were gonna call Jasper yeah this Weimaraner is really cute I used to deliver when I worked for ups to a house that had a Weimaraner and it was like almost blew it was so bright oh that’s ready did he eat the packages no he wasn’t a very nice dog he barked at me yes ma’am you have.

To bark at the UPS yummy those dogs were very nice to me this one was kind of standoffish okay well don’t judge all Weimaraners by the one Weimaraner I’ve never met a nice one and everybody that house Weimaraners right now I was like why it’s nice yeah I like him I like.

Him here hold on he looks like a gremlin that’s Quincy the sky terrier he does okay I don’t even see him on the chaplet scene oh there we go Quincy the sky terrier oh he’s really really cute and fluffy look at that big fluffy tail it.

Almost looks like a sheepdog on the sides here the way it’s got the long fur wow that’s a cool one woody I have not heard.

Of that type of dog before you learn something new when.

You’re doing the movies hmm oh that’s brownie Remy the Russian toy terriers there are a lot of terriers there are.

Yeah Terriers are very common dog by the different names the Russian toy terrier I like brownie yep brownie could be like a little German Shepherd pup – it could be yeah yep super cute weight area this month it’s really small some of them feel really small better oh it’s dica it’s a yorkie poo that’s makin yorkie poo minikin so see it was small.

Mean it was titty help dog making it’s sitting in a little teacup it’s.

A teeny little puppy yes it is adorable all right another rare pup this is three rare pups for me three three this should have been Paul versus Shannon oh you have patches consumers or Schulte all right Shepherd chill key patches I like patches pens is very fluffy looking okay you’re.

Trapped I feel like patches is a very common animal name like.

Dogs or cats I think you’re right is is a a good name yeah who’s this cute puppy ooh this is Benny Benny the border terrier wish you news quick hey Benny how you doing.

Okay yep duplicate Benny all right.

Oh that’s a new and that’s Bob Bob the Polish lowland sheepdog my real name is Robert Winston the third but you can call me Bobby Robert Winston huh the third but you could call.

Me about them okay Bob good to know already I love Star Cup skateboard almost the dachshund or doesn’t as earlier speckles is so cool look at these spots on speckles news cool so I used to seen dachshunds that are the brown and.

Black not this kind of color this is a really really cool lookin dog that is cool like that one and he’s a skateboard oh he’s a trick dog oh look he’s popping a wheelie okay how many different puppies to be stolen we need one two three four five six seven seven I don’t even think we have seven packs like oh we have to.

Mean you that’s one of the ones we needed that’s opal or more the chihuahua cheese many of you are not old enough to remember that but it was everywhere.

For a while yes it was if you.

Know what that’s from leave a comment okay I really still want frosty i’m alois oh this is another new name is curly the 20 poodle Oh Carly’s.

Name for a poodle look at these little fluff suffer you know on their legs that is so cute little pom-pom tail curly is a toy poodle awesome are the toy poodles the big.

Ones I can’t remember I don’t know okay you’re Rufus.

That’s a field of spaniel we keep you like a hunting dog like a I think so yes spaniels are usually at hunting or cattle dogs Thank You Rufus feel that spaniel okay that is a lot of puppies we.