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Have gotten different puppies we’ve got I think you have three packs left and we need one two four dogs plus the ultra rare no I’m counting them oh okay.

Well okay so we’re not gonna get the full size okay yeah it’s frosty frosty the Alaskan Malamute frosty the mammy I would like to go to Alaska one day useful fee and.

Cute if we go to Alaska can I bring home a husky no no no it’s a souvenir no.

It’s a dog it’s a souvenir it is.

I’m okay committing to a dog haha frosty I would adopt frosty who calcul it’ll phases so adorable because we drive by people we’re at we live in North Carolina we just went to a really hot summer we drive people out there walking their dogs and some people have Huskies they look so depressed so I get some rare jewel box and I want skateboard boxes on a skateboard wiener dog.

Power so I guess in the case if you’re lucky enough to find the ultra rare then you it replaces one of the regular dogs since you’re about 25 in this series well we ended up getting a duplicate.

Oh so okay so the only two we can.

Get let me show you right here we have a rare pup this is Gunther the border collie mix right there and then we didn’t get this one up here Madison the King terrier parm terrier how do you say that Karen.

Terrier car cane terrier I don’t have to say that yeah so we’ll hopefully we’ll get one of those we could get another duplicate collie mix so the other rare puppy and a Gunther looks like he’s doing high-five like yeah all right there is puppy in my pocket series nine or at least a whole bunch of them so we ended up not getting Madison.

Yep the core interior but we got the ultra rare which is awesome that is super awesome so here they all are super cool no we have a cat trying to break into the.

Studios even though you all right shin it’s that time of the video we have to pick a favorite okay who’s your favorite gonna be well there’s so much but I think I’m going with frosty the Alaskan Malamutes T the Alaskan Malamute you down here yeah that’s a good nice souvenir.

Doll all right I’m gonna bomb Bob Bob Bob is a good pig yep our Winston the third otherwise known as Bob that’s right how about you guys which one of these did you like the best or what what kind of dog is your favorite dog leave a.

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So much I’ll see you guys next time bye guys.