Earth Leather Mid Boots With Side Buckle And Zipper- Drumlin On Qvc

And earth is our next brand hi Susan nice to see you we’re gonna caught up on Halloween yes if you were the one handing out the candy okay not the candy the good stuff Reese’s never stock up Oh Jess Reese’s Peanut ups but it hasn’t been that blend oh you know butter chocolate girls so it has to be.

My husband’s a peanut butter chocolate I’m a dark chocolate and dark chocolate and nuts even better but that’s who I am so once I know but then to it I do like a twist we love cam okay.

There we go right here to show us a customer top-rated earth shoe and this one happens to be a new low clearance price so it’s $60 less than what it used to be at QVC it’s a mid boot and it has side buckles and zippers so it kind of has a spun like rock-and-roll motorcycle edgy vibe to it five easy payments of $20 you are welcome to use and we’ll have medium and wide widths sizes 5 through 11 with whole and half sizes just the two colors so this is the one that.

We call bark and it’s a gorgeous deep dark brown and it even has the brown heel and then the one that I showed you first is your black and it’s it’s it’s an exquisite that was hard to say in exquisite black leather and then this one even has.

The heel dyed to match and black so Susan tell me about Earth before we even go through the details of the shoe this.

Is a way that we can get a great shoe at under $100 yes so earth brands we were founded.

By a yoga instructor and were based on wellness so we were founded back in 1970 by an caocao and she was a Danish yoga instructor she believed that total body wellness should be a.

At this going I’m liking the way that looks that’s hitting on all those you know fashion trends out there it’s all about the comfort for us.

We have a contoured comfort footbed that’s actually removable in this style that’s going to support your whole body from the ground up so as you’re looking at this you’re getting extra padding in the heel to absorb all.

The shock as you walk a premium leather sock lining then reinforced arch support and two different kinds of cushioning plush and firm so as you step into this you’ll feel the softness of the footbed you’ll feel the arch support come up meet your foot and it’s going to shift your body weight back into the.

Heel so this is a one and a half and sheíll but you’re not gonna feel that pitch your posture is actually going to be aligned because of that footbed well it’s a wonderful shoe if you’re looking for a boot that you can wear every day if.

You’re a denim lover a legging lover it really does have that moto boot style so if you’re a gal who loves to always.

Look very high in fashion and always look like you know what’s happening in the world of runways but also this is a classic style for you it’s a really nice choice right it is and as you’re looking at this you can see the quality of the leather we’re using it has a really nice high shine to it very soft on the black you’re seeing that studying across the instep.

You see this studying detail here that’s where you’re getting that moto vibe this has nice gunmetal Hardware a little asymmetrical faux zipper on the outside with a little fold down detail up here so it’s all.