Earth Leather Mid Boots With Side Buckle And Zipper- Drumlin On Qvc

About the details on this that really call it out a little bit.

Of a high-low happening there just for comfort so it has a really cool look to it and it is built to be worn all day so this I mean we look at this and we don’t think oh that’s a comfort shoe right we look at this and we’re gone I am loving the way it looks well once.

You put it on it will quickly become like your go-to favorite boot for the season well and tis the season right.

The weather is like where you are living but we had a beautiful day yesterday here.

In Pennsylvania where we’re filming right now and it was random I think is another random warm day but then it just gets chillier and chillier and chillier.

And so Jack I love your whole outfit I love how you rolled up the Jean and let it meet right at the shaft of the boot which happens to be six and a quarter in height but if you are a girl who needs to tuck in your legging so you’re.

Not exposing any skin if you’re a gal who likes to wear your jeans on the skinny kind of silhouette and then tuck them in or like Jackie I love you is showing you if you do a bootcut or straight leg.

You’re going to be warm in this style.

Too oh yeah definitely and it does it goes with every different kind of Jean we have the denim is so.

Strong right now and you know the frayed edges.

And everything happening with our denim this is the perfect boot to accompany that and I already know everyone’s gonna be asking yes those jeans our QVC that Jackie’s wearing I think they’re Lori’s felt right you know yeah all right solid I’ve been obsessed with those oh that’s so funny well maybe they’re available still in QVC calm if everyone’s thinking about it now I have a feeling they already might be limited because we’ve seen them.

A few times throughout the month of October but they are from Lori felt so let me show you the two colors we can kind of do it right next to each other yeah if.

You want the brown we’re calling it bark it’s a really gorgeous dark dark brown it is that’s a gorgeous deep dark brown almost like a mahogany love that.

We have that brown healed a match and the brass hardware detail and then here’s your black option and this one will have the silver colored Hardware between the belt the zipper the little stud detail there I.

Can give you that great classic moto vibe but in a comfort yeah brand so you’ll actually be happy wearing these a three four four five six four.

And fastens they are customer top-rated it says a lot about who or tha’s and the quality shoe they bring you if you there’s any leftover candy I’m bringing in I will bring it in tonight I need it.

Out of the house you know we don’t have socks available for your boots as well a.

Quick little item number that you can flash.