Fortnite Galaxy Skin Accessories I Got Them?

Update keep moving up try to match this Terra you Sanks Kyrie I played three games and then I just waited 10 minutes later when I opened up the arm for tonight on my playstation that.

Was there just got to play the three games on your known I know.

Top s4 or just wait I think if you have the skin it doesn’t matter it’s gonna appear that somebody sat down let me see J what you don’t have to log back in if you have the skin away and we’ll be there today or tomorrow it takes time to send them out to everybody to love the galaxy Jay Wilson I wonder if he.

Has a he’s just saying something sound like a Samsung representative spent TV where we go on go ahead with this doing.

Oh gone all we have brother going over there brother again all the little he wants huh oh no there and give me the scar now whoa what in the world somebody.

Else was coming with yeah see that dude just kill himself what a freakin loser listen people playing this game something else you trying to pick out somebody to get a dub to get a kill and then you’re gonna just jump off because you can’t run and try to get it done you can take their death and accept that girl that’s what I get wait there’s more people.

Oh heck no he’s trying to get his traffic oh look at him how did I miss my shot bro he should have taken down yeah I took the L oh I should have just let him go and set up his trap and then snipe them yeah 267 I did Swiss moving up so slow and you don’t think I’m vibing don’t know what this looks like on the big screen instead of my mama I have.

The galaxy some but not the accessories right X fakies you’ll.

Get it today or tomorrow it.

Just takes time for them to send it out to everybody sometimes yeah st. everything is different bro ninja hide at first nobody else had it turn down down Oh Rito tippy-toe should be busy yeah almighty I’ll hit you up after strain bro yeah I’m surprised he put that number now that’s why I told him to add me to communicate with me for us right now bro the miracle.

If we survive for more than five seconds just by my.

Dieter they almighty a number bro that’s.

That’s like pulling your account and pulling the chap it’s never a good idea and there’s a matter of fact I can’t even access this once I close this thing thinking about these to the freakin Pumpkinhead and a teddy there but I don’t know what’s coming out today hopefully something good hopefully they bring back the goat trooper because I was too stupid to play this.

Game in the beginning I was hating on it so I just wait for it to appear on my account bro it’s hobo lit up it’s hobo hit that like button subscribe looks I seen nobody.

Like and everybody just asking questions and getting the answers take questions answered and dippin so good yeah a hobo yeah well both you can just wait or you can just play on your.

Devices and it’ll come fast play on our devices that get you the galaxy skin another come faster that’s what I did good looks ain’t vitiated it slowed retail again we got to redeem ourselves that was pretty bad yeah on a.

Note 9 bar tab as well I don’t have I don’t have the time you just got yours MP nice how did you get it you just waited right let the let.

MP jump you stupid bastard Oh that almost killed me sure you get the bunny moon scan adorable.

Wait adorable pug for tonight something special might come.

Up but you never know what’s gonna you never know what’s going to be on rare and Halloween because you know ain’t you ain’t gonna see them again so no matter what you go with you won’t go wrong you can’t go wrong bro jolin’s my favorite stream the looks show.

Them yeah I’ll tell you I’ll tell you bro I swear my fingers are too damn baked there maybe those toes boy how about this I don’t know about this well somebody else coming outside.

Of her boy not good because you.

Have a freaking okay what else die Rin yeah I’ve seen them but stealing here why do I get the accessories you seem normal the best scan 801 she’s.

Shopping right now the best skin I like all these things inside of the truth well I’ll switch up skins usually every loss inhales that is not a.

Good start mmm somebody sniping Southwest Oh what am i doing I should have been floor right Piper sucks we’re all not picking it up it was a chest back there – don’t even get it so all I got to do his way since I don’t have my device anymore yeah oh boy you just gotta wait bro and complain talk to Samsung and them about it bro.

But somebody did actually get it.

Now keeping our sniper Reddington smart oh damn it I’m not stopping this style trouble at all dammit the napoleon resists this will sell folia gas normal.

Though frickin you have to have a rocket launcher now huh come.

On and epic my love those rocket launches you Oh snag 2x while.

You get them if you have the galaxy skin you need to wait or you play on the devices that got you the Galaxy Note nine and eight.

Are best for that’s how I did it just to make it come fast I woke.

Up I’m like why don’t I don’t have it they said November first so I just played on the note 9 and then on the I stopped played on the phone I went on a Playstation 10 minutes later and it was like summation mark on off it was exclamation mark on.

The items I should say right here that was exclamation mark here and here and I saw like oh three things at once that has to be the galaxy skin stuff accessories people are asking ninja on Twitch how do you get it and eaten even though so nobody really knows me and my situation I just since I.

Heard and you’re saying he don’t know nobody knows so I just started do I.

Update corn yeah we’ll have Daquan like who you what Daquan do you think it is you think it’s the real Daquan I must be dreaming it prevent just a real big long yeah he’s a day without the here that though the bootleg they can I just added them for my strength I don’t mind playing with us bro you you freaking nuts bro it’s.

Good house cool wow you got tired just a lack of exercise bro still nothing not close why do you have a ton of people watching hmm I have this set but I have the galaxies scared this.

Descent why do I have a ton of people watching stuff I that’s a bad thing having people watching bro you’re famous Yeah right famous is a hundred thousand people watching me bro messin up every single time I think I’m.

Gonna just go for when after this this don’t work out tilted I’m going for a.

Wind go onto an icicle ooh you.

You you you we need not one of them goodnight could hit this dude with 3500 lucky bastard Oh not the bats let’s apply some squad only you can prevent.

Debug escapes do not share your password with anyone they sang with me I believe that you can get a dub yeah cool that’s nice appreciate that let’s get it then hi this is squad so.

We’re gonna be a little different your things all kind of team again most of people I used to play with I don’t even play for dynamo Aiden.

School where they playing call of duty ah destiny – and a good cowboy game as I called again what up the Anakin now baby quani rumba plays you too what’s up bro oh damn nobody put a marker and he jumped already where we going Rito.

Let’s get it might be late they’re late to the party oh my goodness purple where you going go with that.

Bro what’s up you going by yourself culture is about to do a 1 be squads and maybe a minute but I’ll come to you where did everybody land already.

But I don’t see no one Oh yep they did and they bout to kill my ass rip the dream weekend should have known somebody was there was so empty yeah a jump.

Was added I should have jumped earlier I know he’s going right who actually picked up fiery oh boy decisions really can’t wash this dude’s old head playing on the piano my girl Rambo gamma rainbow hey why you have to go system Hall so I’ll have the glasses on but I’ll den hard to say rainbow just um you have to wait to get it or I sped it up by just playing on the arm the device.

I know somebody I played one game and got it after if you.

Don’t have the device anymore no anymore the time anymore it just got away sucks but you know what that was about decision handle most thank you guys for tuning in appreciate that that looks pretty sick dog how long one dough came up with this idea to add those in the game probably.

Was like a we’re not we can make much more money if we get.

Some things for the galaxy scan maybe.

People stopped buying it again I really thought the galaxy scan was gonna be available for anybody that has a galaxy after the first month.

But Samsung ain’t playing they’re like here we go morning they see.

49 making all this money they want to get some too Oh where should we go we’re gonna die like that without getting a gun and miles will be at Tilton bro you believe tilt it with seven kills.

Or dying seven times just a flippin stand on did I.

Just miss out on a freaking bro got a freaking pesto on this night over look at this quick another.

Sniper round sniper surveys bro go down welcome to the party brother oh I thought he hit me welcome to the party brother listen all.

Belong how do you get the bundle what up a tin clay hill by subscribing and they’re not light brown go now I’m just playing you could hit the like button it would help but um either have the galaxy skin you have to wait.

Or speed it up by just logging into your device that got you the galaxy screen I don’t know I always come to this place tilted is not enough strong that’s surprising you don’t deserve the accessories so you don’t deserve the accessories for it going laughing I don’t have the phone I went to the.

Store outside and I got the skin oh.

You went to the store maybe it’ll come to you I feel lucky my heart out works well frickin zombies are so noisy bro how do I know if it’s a zombie old person but.

To Meg Baker oh oh oh thank you like it’s gotta carry some boats brothel case more than there is bottled up in there for days I’m gonna regret not having that SMG.

Bro in this new meta SMG milks gotta carry shoes people gliding around soon.

As you start shoot and they come to you thank you guys for tuning in make sure you hit that notification bar that’s sort of subscribe button so you.

Can get notified when I go live cause he’s long gone bro right solo Bow Wow did he just disappear but I swear that since the zombies came I’ll stop freaking bomb and bro keep.

Always by doing farming used to be essentially I saw a video saying you have to wait yeah it’s no rush believe me as soon as you get it hey I don’t even dance not to wrestle as long as you get.

It it’s gonna be special for bata a day I wonder what it looks like when other since I can’t see ask and I would like this will actually look good on besides the galaxy I can’t think of time right now all here builder can you what.

Yeah what is this black ops zombies bro freakin retards aliens whatever you want to call yourself taking care that’s bugging me Ronnie rice I got to.

Be chat on the left side I’m bout to get jumped by random give me a second fellas some people.

Hate in on the information they get don’t shoot the messenger bro just tell me what you gotta do I didn’t.

Make the game up inside this student as a healthy snack I haven’t seen a heavy.

Snipe on any of these games okay movin Fergus snipe with this heavy sniper somebody’s shootin oh yeah yeah ba.

Let’s go look for the stood by the creep up Oh God dang got a fort shoosh still building for it what don’t call me the.

Edit King five people left as one it going all right for people because I know the person over there that’s all I got well ah behind me ma sucah I could have smacked me – oh thanks right from my forefathers so Vidya having been responding.

Trying to focus on a dumb lost it is she can’t hear nobody with these zombies in the campus I mean I shot everybody I saw my floor.

Only three people I don’t even injure how to kill how to one with three kids.

No that is or we find out you have shazam sure bro add me bro not marble not – marble 27 i’m PSM i can play play with the viewers congratulations flavors you have 8 to.

10 kills yep get it yep get it yep you have a set of nice I can’t add you Wow why can’t you add me it’s not – bobble 27 me I have to set raising a.

China Moffat daydreamin there you go what’s your name um Shazam does your name have twitch in it let me know.

If your name house twitching it the hook where we going I’m all being late to all the gums yes twitch sky I think I added you after this one we can all could do all up oh dude right oh yes there’s more than one person I want that auto-rifle real quick but when I.

See that auto-rifle by blind soft frickin auto-rifle well damn it’s mad I like that skin it looked cool again 21 health brother I should I am hey I’m not so good in English okay because I’m a french-canadian how did you get the full set go – meow meow kitty no friends lesser soul annoying she’s named ago I was twitching it.

Epic friends trying to be right here and invites bro I’ll open my party just jump already open should be able to just join me how did you they’re not fun requests I have the dachshund but not the set yet Ryan you are either half the wait till you get the stuff I will close and.

Open my app mad times until I see it if you don’t get it by waiting then you got to play on the devices that you got the galaxy scan with Ryan.

Ryan quilter gaarkhan Mangueira you did the store method and you’re gonna have to wait hi buddy how you doing you said.

Your your your English is not that good oh it’s all good I can.

Join you to the party right just play a couple games oh I can’t even join to the party anymore come on epic oh you restarted it okay let me know when you’re ready back on be on for too.

Long let make sure you turn on our notification colors.

So you’ll know when I’m gonna live cliche ciao sticking around and join the.

Galaxy visuals from the galaxy skin I feel like this barrel in.

Flames matches the whole set look like it comes with it it’s pretty sleek way that that disc on his back is like a.

Galaxy Oh a sub bro there we go dual galaxy skins let’s get it in that.

Second no your name’s not showing up going on bro you ready enough yeah yeah why doesn’t your name show just a glitch that your name ain’t shown at the top like I don’t see your name on your yeah yeah if you if you wait how did I lose on all because I’m.

On my own game a lot of fun well uh huh and you don’t add your friend on a big game I can I see your name yeah now because you are you are on the same team there should be a separate video right here do alone whatever feel.

Like nature with zero point zero point zero point one percent of.

Weight you wanna go everywhere you anywhere it’s kind of late now damn paradise or Mexico I call it okay go where Mexico yeah ah my leg is stiffening up man I have surgery like last.

Week and I need to stretch it.

Out a galaxy skin accessories plan is damn gay you’re far far out do guys how many four four in one galaxy I want Alex.

You are nice all right out of this car Wow you barely give me a frickin.

My god bro guys the guys you take my score took your scar run oh my god I’m coming okay I’m dead I’m here he’s over here somewhere he ran up top the building on the left side I wish I had some with some range bro that shotgun was I guess it done unless you write down a face huh okay bout no kill bro trying to kill everyone there then I’ll worry about a kick yeah you don’t have a shotgun yeah.

A shotgun but it was there was that double-barrel I can’t shoot it from far does nothing I should’ve welcome to come get it why are you on on the game chat oh I’m on the game chat it kind of sounds better you wanna party to an offer from even you can add like the game sounds better.

That the voices is a little bad can i play hell yeah we can squad up but I don’t have a mic hoo-wee man that is a problem whops that’s like playing with a random playing without a mic you don’t even have headphones that you can plug into your Playstation do you speak to me no.

I’m talking to somebody on the track and you like turn that.

Stream down just a little bit yeah you’re not you don’t you’re not watching.

A stream sounds like I had echo okay just can you say how to unlock it now that’s okay MMH yeah I don’t hear it.

Can you say how to unlock it if you have the galaxy skin you just wait until you get it or you play on the devices you got the galaxy skin with if you don’t have those devices anymore.

Tell you just gonna have to wait and see if they give it’s hard we start for tonight join us and oh my god are you okay hello yeah I’m here okay.

If you went the elta outcome I want to unblock tops oh my god I don’t have a shotgun there’s a car there’s plenty of shotguns over here just come oh damn you always yeah I’m coming yeah the shotgun for me yeah there’s a tack next to.

Me and I think there’s another pump in the other own other room do you find.

Shells yeah cool about to stop drinking are there that guy’s told me Oh guys guys on you there’s people.

On meat sauce on fight into that oh my.

God I’m so high okay oh my god I’m dead he revived trend yeah clicking my sub myself put myself in a spot where I can get hit you know the people on.

You I’ll still there I’m dead yeah.

Seventy-five health what am I supposed to do damn if I have some more shells down a mossad a little bit of oh and how the galaxies can ish not to set yeah I’m gonna make a video on how to get the galaxy scan plus I’m doing a giveaway of the galaxy scan so so just to let you guys know that I’m about to end of.

Thank you for tuning in turn on notifications you don’t know when I go live next time and I’m out pace.