Wireless Guitar – Let Freedom Ring! – Guitar Discoveries #23

Hey welcome to guitar discoveries I’m Robert Kassar today I want to talk about freedom specifically wireless guitar freedom what happens when you no longer have a cord sticking out of your electric guitar that you can step on that has problems with connectivity and all the rest well in the quest for making a great wireless guitar system there have.
Been a lot of manufacturers out.

There kind of vying for the best product and the.

Easiest to use and not long ago line six came out with a product called the relay g10 now this is a very simple wireless guitar system they say it’s the easiest to use on the planet and I totally agree I got one not really expecting all that much I thought well if it’s good enough for live performance I’ll be happy with it and I discovered.

That the audio quality between the transmitter and receiver is so good that I can actually use it in the studio and I never expect it to be able to say that so right over here is my little line six unit now I move this into my life rack what I’m gonna do a live show I move it over into my studio at other times and I’ve.

Actually found out that I can record straight from this into my audio interface or a DI box or an amp or whatever I’m using and not really have any sacrifice of sound quality when the unit is fully charged it’s green you pop it pop the transmitter out of the bass that it sits in to charge all you do is put it in the jack.

For a moment it’ll be orange the minute it’s green you’re in so there you go I’m plugged in I’m Wireless I’ve got all the freedom in the world I could move around I can move the guitar notice there’s.

No radio interference it’s not funky it really really sounds killer full range system never a sacrifice alright to celebrate the freedom I thought it would be fun for me to dig way back into the archives friend of mine named Steve Boyce who I knew way back when remember.

That years ago I was doing a live solo show.

And I did a couple of songs from a guy.

Who was actually a friend of my older brother Rick.

This guy’s name is Dave flink he’s an unsung song writer but he wrote some great songs and one of the songs that I used to perform was called.

Another sailing song I thought there’s nothing more appropriate to celebrate freedom Wireless freedom or any other kind of freedom than to do a song like this all about being free and out on the walk get up get up head up head up steady.

Wind is rising down go down go down go down go down to the shoreline and get your Spooner Worthy on the way and on the air Hyland episode should I’m the.

Water feels so happy sail away whoa Loveleen oddly not BW not all the water get your pillows sheets fill the skies come now come around come around come around come round to windward tack your way slowly to the Sun you see the flavors is like with long spires hidrogen riders oh but swollen seas to meet your fancy we can sail away the way that’s another sailing song from Dave flank this has been a guitar discovery the line six relay g10 wireless system what price.

Freedom the answer is about a.

Sixty bucks it’s a very low cost system it is a bargain by any standards the way it immediately connects to the from the transmitter.