Kwantonium's Minecraft Adventure Part – 5&6 (1080p)

Oh finding stuff airs the fields oh there’s water oh nice Iren to make a bucket okay check if they work I don’t think they will but they might be able to produce a one-block but we need like mine I think I have no idea if I’m digging in the right direction I don’t think so because the water stopped.

Making sounds well I would assume you’re going in the wrong direction mm-hmm yeah I can still don’t work how you tried it on the lotto no yeah just try to pick up some.

Didn’t work no well I guess I can still try to make it pass it in with water on buckets gold I’m gonna steal this gold it makes me some better shoes I can’t find.

This water didn’t you said you found it.

Earlier well I can hear it no I can’t find it well I.

Found it for you it’s beneath you oh when with diamond oh my god and.

It’s beneath yeah like pretty much directly beneath.

Here there’s a lava and lava lava here meet but it’s not Wow that’s didn’t follow me and there’s three blocks the diamond four blocks of time very good well we need to make obsidian yeah we can’t make.
Up sit in here unless there’s lava Beneatha somehow.

Gonna block off this lava why doesn’t make doesn’t have to be still is stationary lava to make your burning can we somehow lead this water truly well.

There might be loud directly beneath and somewhere that we could find yes I guess that’s good oh yeah I know me remind me not to forget the stack of iron I have smelting on your own boat hey there’s a mininum.

Poopy so I guess that ideas impossible unless there’s lava in the very near vicinity I find the lack of lava disturbing yeah there’s no lava beneath the water okay go I’m just gonna have to look for a bigger cage yep we are at Diamond levels there should.

Be plenty here yeah dead end or coal and iron okay I’m just gonna check how much space we got left that was good walls you guys in a minute we’re back can we have lots of space left so you can listen to us for hours.

And hours on end going on about how we can’t find obsidian and wha while it’s not up cool we’re just always fun to listen to I think we pretty much explore this whole cave now though yep that’s a good thing well no because we didn’t get anything out of it well we got a loss iron.

So we can date even deeper I suppose so I picked up said iron okay that’s good can we find water above this lava nine the own thing so mmm nothing matters it’s stationary you know you’re on fire you know can you catch on fire as well no from me that would be paid to easy griefing method oh yeah okay let’s get out of this hole well yes.

Sir is said and done yes with our sense of direction is the wonder where you can still even to find this place or ayran ayran goodness alright well actually I think we’re just gonna build ourselves out of this hole well if I can find the well where you originally came into this section of the came.

From I might be able to it’s not here but I think.

It’s over here somewhere yeah think so.

I hear water over here yeah that’s the water the hoarding stuff with oh well yeah giving stuff with the body here maybe but maybe you I didn’t take anything yes done babies oh maybe I don’t ask you did good hell when you skip some gold I couldn’t pick it up alright it was the gold you were supposed to pick up no I picked up other gold I guess there was more gold oh okay I’m gonna go up here but I said no room for one basin yeah I’m gonna go over here to the.

Other place I’d dog you there was another cave here there.

Might be something okay it’s quite a ways up though is I don’t think we’ll be.

Finding any love up here possibly not these stairs are horrible yeah I know but don’t go heat number stairs I’ll try not to so I guess this.

Of the yeah other system oh this is like a large hole right here nothing of course except put a lot of ironed mm-hmm sure we don’t really need we have a lot of iron no we can make an iron house how are we pretty awesome is that even possible can you make a block of iron now you can put down the box and I on your.

Harvest and I actually yeah I think you can make a Spore iron things and don’t walk up iron yeah like you can gold and the likes and I.

Think this place has all been explored nated explore Eden attitude so we’ll start heading up nice let’s just no now let’s do from here we can’t be too far down I think it’s like very close to the road surface yeah I believe so yeah here’s third okay that’s good look.

More stoned the dirt tricked me come on the surface others dirt there’s dirt I think a place there’s a yes well yeah I’ll go up and going about it the old-fashioned way winding stairs.

What I’m not there to sorry yep I’m up okay.

And we’re still right beneath our house that’s convenient area how do I look at the flowers here we have lots of flowers so we.

Can make a flower garden hey we should never feel good goodness and happenings your failure like jumping yeah you almost pushed me down the hole that’s what you get for hating on my stairs uh-huh well I’m gonna start smelting all this iron okay I’m gonna make some more stuff stuff eh.

Stuff of course you do that kind chickens everywhere there we go oh that looks better does indeed our house is kind of small symmetrical a symmetrical ass okay I’m gonna put some stone in here considering we don’t really need any more stone at the moment unless we’re gonna build a castle which I don’t see us doing ready no okay you’re smelting the iron.

Yep well they’re gone in one of them but I’m sure they’re smelting I hope so because they’re nothing in them yeah they’re stuck in this one but the one the others disappeared but I’m sure it’ll really help so it happened earlier Tara disappeared and then appeared the long time later so it might be a new kind of bugger introduced I’m not stressful.

I seriously need some tools the stuff is not back sadly our oldest I’ll just give it a while it’ll appear okay what to build next.

Um yeah the question well we do want obsidian I mean do we do this is our first priority actually to forget some obscene and get into the hell slip other dimension place thingy yes we can’t.

Call it help because it’s religiously wrong that’s why not didn’t want it to be named hell either he’s tired.

Religious names yeah well we’ll have.