Kwantonium's Minecraft Adventure Part – 5&6 (1080p)

To go about finding another cave then why don’t us go dig randomly in several locations and see what comes out of it okay but we need tools for that and I don’t have any tools I have like stone turns yeah I guess that doesn’t really work.

Well for cave exploration yeah the deep depths we’re gonna grab all of the and make something okay.

I’m gonna make for you as well this we have to pick edges to spades okay we got three.

Pickaxes and three spaces each know how lovely the sunrise is just about our couch oops stop nope are you tossing things at me I was wrong anyway no matter thank you for the loads of tools well let’s start I guess just I’m.

More tools we always need tools in a way so know I’m actually really curious why not include the torch update this time yeah I’m not sure why well it’s sunrise but we are going into the ground you once again Sarge there’s a point if you want to see where the surface folks there will be a time for.

That we have a lake we do have a like okay what about actually stopping this lake from being a lake and.

Try to make like a hole straight on the ground if and if we find if you would find lava you can just pour down sure why not do you have a bucket can I take that out no well I just took it out on my screen but there it reappears well there’s always the.

Old-fashioned way of doing this is there yeah oh right that’s possible they know more yep okay good I might beneath it now I think so yeah okay there we.

Go so only hopefully will we find some yeah yeah if you’re playing this game not on multiplayer do not dig straight down folks yeah that would be kind.

Of messing up your entire cave system.

Well and it’s just downright leave alone you know you guys haven’t get a huge.

Drop or dig straight into lava come on voila I need.

Some lava we’re doing dude that’s a minion Ruby will go up a couple of blocks and start digging around yeah just remember how far the the cave.

Is not the cable though oh you know what I mean yeah the water yeah there’s diamond nice two three four five six oh yeah that’s right why didn’t I make diamond tools of the diamond that kind earlier so that’s not.

A lot minister oh we have a lot of diamond now yeah you did they using our diamond glory something yeah give.

The command doesn’t work here’s and can’t give ourself stuff if we could go desperate we’re lucky on this say we normally have.

No problems at all finding huge ridiculous caves with more legal things than.

The care – well diamond well let’s just point that.

Don’t really want diamond I want lava yeah an ad mininum or not I made him obsidian obsidian slightly annoying indeed I want to build something I want to build a fortress in the slip yeah.

I meet him oh no is it stationary oh I don’t know it’s pouring towards me not stationary no but it.

Might come from from stationary sources oh here we go okay with lava that’s good hopefully it’s still beneath the it should be right beneath the ocean somewhere cipher hopeful might just be it I’m going to dig straight.

Up from here okay that’s good okay wait I think oh wait a second yes we have.