Kwantonium's Minecraft Adventure Part – 5&6 (1080p)

Also found it so we have two spots at stationary lava that should be at least I believe mine is below the ocean somewhere okay that’s good stuff to do the very repetitive task.

Of digging those are very good we have enough stationery Lama hmm I guess just try to get to the surface are you doing that yeah I am I’m building a 2×2 upwards and filling up and jumping on one and keeping one Clare for the water and fall through okay actually reached your um your whole way here water that’s I think it’s running water and it’s been behind do some words I don’t think I’m you get it the lava right unfortunately there’s a cave well we don’t want the cave no and that’s.

What I find you’ll just have to ignore it ignoring a cave a bit less.

For me I know I’ll save it for later doot-doot.

It’s pretty deep yeah well it is almost full it is bottom levels and else to be expected so all the tortures are gonna go out and the water falls down yeah I haven’t used any horses no I just seen I don’t I dig.

On instinct no that’s skills he has a mole kind of thing does it I think I don’t think it’s possible to see under underground unless I mean there can’t.

Be any Sun no our most known for being blind my thing that’s the stereotypical thing that moles are bad sighted yeah I mean the only place I actually think I remember that from this day light but from.

Cores just no water there oh it’s no water oh god you’ve got to be kidding on like three blocks away from the sea oh god okay hopefully mine is better is your name I can see your names again oh no you’re far far in while ghost and oh wait you might actually just hit it let’s see oh you’re.

One block no it might be working because no ill work you look all right here we go water okay I say we’re down all right that’s Indian oh wait oh yeah we win your diamond.

Pickaxe s do have would know yeah well yeah I do actually ain’t eight pieces other fun stuff okay we do have obsidian thank operation obsidian has been completed there okay we need to make some diamond picks yeah.

So let’s simply block off this water here so we can move thank you and let’s see it no crap oh god yeah we can’t mine out this da this stuff yet thank you right no that was a bad idea oh yeah actually not.

Block off all the alright we have to get lava over this again no we just have to block it.

Off so it won’t burn up our sit-in let’s say do you have any coral I.

Have to ground yeah I do have 23 actually oh well then get to filling those up so I won’t destroy a way to I’m gonna take it back.

From this stuff now oh that’s deep oh but I’m just gonna make a protective layer beneath all of our stuff here this is totally not possible unless we would be in a.

Survival multiplayer without damage this stuff is deep – it goes yeah this pool fills up all the.

Admin alright that’s quite a loss yeah taking a bath in the lava I guess you can come down sort of suddenly burning beside me what is burning nothing that’s what’s weird that’s precious yes I can get them down help you if I can’t see anything well it’s just to follow my so yeah over here I think you were the thing burning yeah I’d probably lie stacked through you could fill it up over there ah reverse there well you know where you can still.

See obsidian here since you’re the one filming you should do some of the interesting stuff but I don’t want to once that was too bad yeah I filled up stuff yeah then just go around check so we don’t lose any precious obsidian okay no I’m on fire folks yeah until I break this block and freezing water on my face okay well thank you of course okay let’s get to digging well I’m in Vic’s diamond picks I have no good soon yeah okay I.

Got some the horrible jokes continue I got we got two diamond pickaxe s now.

Awesome let’s not making anything else at the moment yeah there we go down in the hole thank you okay that’s not an ending horrible horrible obsidian which never breaks I guess you can kind of turn out a recording while we do this this is very boring to look at yeah I don’t have to turn it off I just skip it.

To an editing so true editing for the win one block.