Boar 2018 Day 2 A West Desert Overland Adventure!

All right well morning of day two what do you think so far buddy you like it it fun it was a windy one last night all night long just winds blowin like crazy so I had a hard time sleeping because of that but well breakfast is actually shaping up pretty good pancakes are turning on okay look at that.

Syrup sausage pancakes mm-hmm I’m excited to see what we have in store today how’s your breakfast buddy so good oh you’re gonna see.

Yourself on a video on your on your iPad isn’t that cool you got here Brian bacon bacon fountain this this old mine we’re gonna go check out did you say there are bats yeah oh yeah it’s warm here these veins oh we found several bats as we were walking through this cave.

And I’m sure there was several more that we didn’t even see we reached the end of the cave fairly quickly there wasn’t really.

There so we turned around and headed back out only to discover that our group had left us behind it was a long day ahead of us so Duncan shares a story about the bad cat that visits our house from time to time where’s.

Your tent see the back it’s pretty rough night didn’t sleep very well the windows howling all night long that was a call but just noisy windy rear cold enough the wind and how about ahead to paint oh yeah there’s no way in heck it’s 37 now pretty sure little crazy oh yeah.

Interesting things out there in the desert like some old abandoned iron and like I’d mentioned before lots and lots of mud we even ran into some wild horses along the way as.

I try to keep my distance they sure weren’t making it easy for us to get past shortly ever the horses Josh pulls over with a suspicious sound coming from the back of the Jeep we want too hard there Josh I think it’s launched.

I need an upgrade anyway so now give me just gave me an excuse there you go shock is out we can keep going okay the bad cat saga continued here the other cat away this next stop was very interesting we head into margin Pass where a hermit by the name of Bob Stinson enclosed and natural Cove and.

Called it home for more than 20 years just for the record there was no cat that was killed or put in the garbage where we going bud okay it’s gonna be pretty cool you guys are like little monkeys.

Climbing like crazy I want to check out what do you think home sweet home huh got it good you you like it I can recess it’s pretty cool cave isn’t it I.
Bet in the late spring or early fall this is probably perfect temperature.

In here and we saw the ghost of Boris bast who’s.

That jump off a big rock yes okay ready go okay the hermit cave was cool but it was time to move on as we got closer to Delta for our refueling stuff we saw several of these weird-looking solar panels out in the middle of the desert turns out they were cosmic.

Ray collectors if you don’t know what a cosmic ray is you’ll have to look it.

Up because I don’t either we made it to Delta it took the opportunity to clean some windows get some fuel pick up some snacks and push on to our next location if you had told.

Me this next stop was an alien communication site I would have believed you it.