Boar 2018 Day 2 A West Desert Overland Adventure!

Turns out the actual use of these disc-shaped structures is far less exciting what is it these.

Odd shaped contraptions were an alternative way of collecting solar energy yeah that’s okay you know what next week you’ve got stay in front we’ve made a short drive over to the topes internment camp yes the US did have internment camps during World War two science yeah the earth most of the structures were destroyed after the war all.

That’s left are some dirt roads and foundations now of course.

These internment camps were very.

Different than the ones over in Europe during the war but this was a good reminder that.

War is an ugly beast you’ll never guess what we found yep more mud man what a muddy mess some people clearly enjoyed the mud more than I do well we made it to the volcano I think Duncan was expecting a little bit more fire where are we we’re off-roading yeah are we at a volcano or is the volcano right there.

Is that a big volcano does it shoot fire does it what kind of sounds does it make well we.

Left the volcano and headed to our final destination the Baker Hot Springs okay that’s that’s.

Far enough bud these Hot Springs were very hot and very stinky and I was also trying to keep my kid from falling in how is it come on in the water’s.

Fine after he crushed that party we all split ways and started heading for home and I know all of.

You guys are waiting to hear the finale to the bad cat story what happens if pigeon sees a nice cat Oh alright guys thanks for watching next week in Iraq and down to the wall so stay tuned and we’ll see.

You guys on the trail well thanks for watching borer 2018 day to everybody we sure appreciate everybody’s support if you’re new to the channel hit that.

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