Jungle Mountain Adventure. Adventures Of An Old Seadog, Epi116

You don’t know if you can hear me under the racket many weeks the trick was like just spin it around shake yourself off the bus really weird weather I think this is an El Nino year I’ve been trying to find out it is anonymous what you want to say is this in our however having a bit of bad.
Weather and a bit of a bad leg didn’t discourage.

Me from going out and enjoying myself on occasion even there was a few boat parties but the less said.

Better but then it was back to doing more awful boat work some of the woodwork on the back lazarette was coming adrift it had to.
Again it did originally look like this but not anymore this is.

My control box my Raymarine radio and this is the handset the the box has all the gubbins in it but none of the controls all the controls are on though the handset to cable due to the heat here has just perished all the outer pile has.

Come off and because it’s multifunction it’s not like two or three cables going in to the microphone there’s eight cables and each one of them is absolutely tiny so went out got myself.

A brand new radio because it’s so important to have communications on the boat this microphone instead of harks back to old school it’s just a click transmit and not I have fallen down these steps several times and it’s it’s.

A dangerous thing to do believe me when the boats moving around and you’re at sea it’s actually quite a long drop down those.

Steps to the bottom there is some form of anti slip matting already there that was original to the boat and it doesn’t come to the edge of the step.

And it’s never been much good being measuring up and cutting some of.

This stuff which I found in a local hardware shop it’s got a sticky back to it you peel that off and stick it down when you walk down these steps you.

Tend to step on the step edge and if it’s wet or your feet are wet you can slip quite easily but not now.
The last thing I want to do is.

And hurt myself or anybody else for that matter another job I hate is stocking up the boat and having to go to the supermarket on a regular basis so it was time to have some fun my friend Maria and I had managed to borrow a 4×4 decided to do some exploring and.

Together with another couple of cruisers we went up country to a place called Sleeping Indian Mountain to do a little bit of exploring we met a charming young lady.

Who told us all about the trail lots of pictures lots of finger pointing going on there gave us a little paper map which is about all we had Maria actually covered it onto a phone so we.

Wouldn’t lose it but yeah lots of stuff to see I was really interested in lots more finger pointing lots more photographs and then you sort of studied finger pointing upwards and I realized that we were.

Probably actually going to climb a mountain well okay so let’s go climb a mountain I love.

History so when we came across these I was super excited these rocks have got markings all over the drawings I guess pictures letters messages I don’t know but all done.

Inhabitants of the area from years ago and lots of mangos waterfalls this was going to be an exciting day occasionally which stop along the trail to try and get our bearings it wasn’t so easy to follow the trail because we were up in the clouds almost at this point it.

Really was a rain forest and was very wet more finger-pointing Jungle.

Girl that’s Maria led the way taking us through torrents of rivers well actually was a stream and jungles and at banana plantations all interesting stuff and then we thought we’d got to the top there’s an old man there ignore him and it was incredibly beautiful but it wasn’t actually the top and Jungle Girl led us down yet.

Another trail we ended up in what I thought was somebody’s garden what a house was doing up here on the side of the mountain I don’t know but followed Maria she seemed to know where she was going I thought we were gonna get shot as trespassers but it was all good then I saw this it was what.

Was left of a hiker probably eaten by the local inhabitants hmm but in fact there was a purpose to it it was this these flowers just do strange things if you put them to your mouths I could take the GoPro out of the case for a minute now because it’s actually stopped.

Raining from yeah and we’ve seen a peak over there Maria wants to go on she’s a slave driver beautiness Towers the reason we stopped raining is were actually above the clouds now I think I just got outvoted we’re going on.

This a death march right yeah this could end up as between the Central American version of deliverance I have to say at this point I’m not the fittest guy in the world I’m also not the youngest and doing tracks and trails before in my past I never managed to get to the top of a mountain so this for me had become a bit of a challenge this time I was going to do it that’s a proper hiking gear hiking via sweeter than an anchor their.

Trouble is wherever you go there’s just too many vloggers people taking you get to your clients but I was climbing the top of a mountain you get people taking selfies and stuff we want me to stand bunch of posers I think it’s gonna it’s gonna.

A minute low yeah that’s getting silly yeah I got my car some things you shouldn’t be doing puppy Mountain Thank You Mountain for allowing us to.

Stand here ready I thought they were expensive climbing shoes model Panama ghetto Panama ghettos oh and we followed Jungle Girl up here and I was all for turning back and the others was the same like mm-hmm but no Maria’s like we got to go and we made it to the top and this part is called the sleeping the sleeping sleeping Indian.

Yeah sleeping Indian because from a distance it kind of looks like a girl in a rope or a recumbent pose I’m I don’t know about that but.

It’s certainly blooming hi I’ve just noticed a huge crucifix on a hill over there or cross or whatever things with it yeah I’m kind of proud of.

It it’s very steep up oh hang on they’re shooting at us now duck the guns went off what that was anyway yeah it’s fascinating all kinds of little houses and all kinds I do use the GoPro for most of this because we’ve actually been below there.

Or they throw rocks at me now stop you Rutter’s you Rutter’s I’m going back down this way I’m gonna go back with you well obviously I’m not gonna space arrested it’s a bit early but.

It is it is spectacular I’m gonna put the camera away before I get hit by a rock.

Fall off the edge of the mountain yeah I’ve.

Been using the GoPro Pro promotion because as they’re saying we were actually.

Below the cloud level and it was raining all the time and now we’ve got coats on cities actually the cold okay yeah any spectacular yeah that’s that’s the map that they gave us and then Maria put it on her phone and we were so we went down here yeah for.

The car yeah we chuckle on here yeah it’s the first waterfall where berries like how far we got it Barry we kept checking we didn’t find the caves so he kept truckin I think we went off we definitely went off this way for yes down that way I suggest going that’s pretty Gardens and you have to do the lip shot it’s the only reason this.

Is why we went that way we truck back down again well actually no we went up here when we.

Truck back down again and then we made it to the top okay yeah you can tell it’s the top like I mean oh yeah you can look maple trees or the oak trees that they it’s technically gumbo looking one of our party brought along a butterfly net and it was suggested by somebody that we should do some slow-motion.

Butterfly catching while we’re on the mountain why not craziness but it did seem like a good idea at the time and we had a life after that we got ourselves together for the long trek back down the mountain to a nice restaurant for something to.

Eat the restaurant had a painting.

Actually see the sleeping indian girl mountain by this time of the day we were all somewhat tired and very very hungry and looking forward to some food but before we had to.

Go home we thought we’d check out the local market fresh produce few souvenirs altogether a great day with great friends then it was time to leave the mountain and say goodbye back at the.

Marina my longtime friends Johanna and Timur were getting ready to leave yeah most nights.

And sit and talk the neighbours.

Beer o’clock but your hammers on coca-cola because she’s driving in a minute they’re taking the boat out to sea lucky them how does it seem right your boats moving yeah or poor old shanties all alone here have a great voyage and.

I’ll see you soon there’s a big empty space not used to that and then it was just two old men left everybody’s gone yeah good I have to have a beer compadre but I knew that it was now not going to be that long before it was my turn.

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