Tails | Super Smash Survivor – Episode 5

Hello and welcome to another episode of super smash survivor first off I’d like to address the elephant in the room this episode is a day late which is largely due to me being a bit under the weather the past few days this doesn’t change the schedule for the series though it should still be every Tuesday going forward unless.

Something unexpected happens like for this episode anyway let’s just dive right into it and take a gander at the results from last week’s poll Dixie Kong was.

The character in question and surprise there were actually three choices this time instead of two I figured that some people would argue in favor of Dixie just being an echo but nevertheless she received the most votes in the category listing her as an original newcomer and ended up surviving with no problem now I have a feeling today’s survivor might be an easy win as well Sonic’s best bud tails as the character we’re looking at.

From Sonic shadow see what I did there and earn the love of the fans let’s find out as I’m sure most people know tails first appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the Sega Master System and Sega Genesis in 1992 however for today’s timeline I’m going to be paying closer attention.

To which games he’s appeared in on Nintendo platforms also I won’t be listing Virtual Console.
Case I’d be here all day so the first Sonic games that appeared on.

Nintendo platforms were Sonic Adventure 2 battle for the.

Sonic advance for the Game Boy Advance they released on the same day in Japan back in 2001 and both featured tales as a playable character the close bond between.
Sonic games and Nintendo platforms.

Has remained strong ever since with so many games it would make your tail spin or I mean head head spin not even a single year has gone by since 2001 without at least one game featuring tails releasing on a Nintendo platform Sonic game stuck around with Nintendo even during the dark days of the Wii U when.

Many other third parties abandon ship very early on this timeline isn’t just a.

Display of how important tails is to the Sonic series it shows how integral the Sonic series has been in Nintendo’s third-party lineup plus there’s been all of those Mario and Sonic at the Olympic.

Stipe Games you may love them you may hate him but it’s impossible to deny that Sonic made a new home on Nintendo platforms after the fall of Sega’s hardware development if tails were to.

Make it into Smash Brothers I feel like he would have to have his own original move set aside from maybe.

His Spin Dash I can’t think of any moves that tails would be able to pull from Sonic or at least not any that would make a whole lot of sense tails most defining feature is well.

His tails duh so they would have to work that into a.

Lot of his moveset I think it would make sense that he would have one of the best recoveries in the.

Game due to his flying capabilities replicating the way he takes flight in the classic games would be a must in order.

To make him feel as authentic as possible when it comes to his main set of attacks.

There are a lot of games they could use as a resource for building his moveset tails has had so many appearances.