Tails | Super Smash Survivor – Episode 5

Over the years he even had his own games on the game gear so it would be neat if they pulled some ideas from those titles as well however they.

Are pretty obscure games so I’m not sure how likely that would be anyway tails is known in the Sonic games for being really smart and crafting different things like tools and gadgets so working that aspect of his character into his.

Moveset would definitely be interesting to see just as long as they don’t stick him in a Mac like Sonic Adventure 2 please just no no although the mech would be a decent idea for his final smash as much as I love the classic design of tails I’m sure they would go with his more modern look to match up with Sonic’s design and smash.
Now if they were to add a new Sonic series stage my.

Personal pick would be studi appleís it’s a zone from the very recent and very well received Sonic mania it’s my favorite zone in the game it has great music and it has a striking design that looks unlike any other stage and Smash Brothers overall I think tails has a ton of potential to be.

A fun unique character plus he’s just so darn cute look at him Oh God Oh tails has been somewhat of a sidekick to Sonic ever since his first appearance in Sonic 2 there’s rarely a Sonic game that comes by that doesn’t include tails somewhere in it considering how iconic and recognizable both Sonic and Tails are it’s easy to say that tails.

Is still incredibly relevant he was a playable character in the recent Sonic mania which was loved by critics and fans alike simply put tails will never be forgotten by.

Sonic fans or anyone who grew up with Sonic I can’t imagine there coming a day when people look at tails and say who’s that but when it.

Comes to Smash Brothers relevants can only get you so far so.

It’s time for the big question does tails survive I’m gonna say hell yes when I think.

Of Sonic I think of tails standing right beside him and Sonic without tails sounds like some kind of cruel punishment everyone is always talking about shadow and hey I get it he would be a cool echo fighter but tails as a newcomer would be way more exciting to me maybe it’s just because I’m such a big classic Sonic fan but I choose tails overshadow any day heck I choose knuckles over shadow.

Too but at least we have knuckles as an assist trophy tails has been stuck on the sidelines.

For too long I say it’s time to shine it’s not up to me though it’s up to you does he survive does tails fly.

High or does he get left in the dust it’s time to vote I’ll post a link to the poll in the description of this video the poll will last for two days so be sure to make your decision before then make.

Your argument for tails below in the comments and tell me why I’m so stupid for women booster 3 to be you ok I gotta go do some crush 40 karaoke thank you all so much for.

Watching I hope you have a fantastic day and I’ll catch you later.