[pc/eng] Low-tempo Fractal Asmr Adventure Zone | Phonk Chill Smoke Sesh

Man before I really start getting oh god I have to take my headset off I’m configuring some audio stuff I didn’t know he started Oh God everything so messed up okay this isn’t Mike I need my save you’ll be Jersey I’m not heart okay you got my save you losers actually I just need to find my tank top.

I really do thank you okay okay we’re back with our idiom send out a way to get this court off the street just like didn’t.

Turn out okay yo Justin would you be able to refresh my streets yo Justin Q hear me what hey buddy I test test testing yeah just wish there’s a way to adjust it from hey max what yo maxes up in this bitch.

Yo max tell me how this audio sounds with this new mic if I’m a little quieter stuff like that now I actually have to see okay you could push all right let’s get this livestream hey yo Justin can you hear me right now all right I’m going to keep talking right now and I’m.
Mic if it does cut out let me.

Know ready okay it’s cut out it should be cutting out okay is it back on did it cut out what did it cut out I have to edit this push your Justin can hear me okay good I got the push to commute to work hey busting can you refresh this sure Emma shrimp alright we bout to get into again setting should be just about good let’s make sure my start off with a co-op I can’t hit anything right now got the headset I let me know that this game vol.

2 that gets too high all the enemies working hostage for me to shoot into the wall Oh we need a change of pace miss daaé almost a rally um.

Dude I’m pretty sure it out get out of here do we if any of the volume gets too high your game I feel.

I can be a server leg who’s the host this guy’s skipping up the stairway table blocks my way anti-climb of allah rod these.

Boots must be too slippery what kind of shoes initiate these servicemen freaking roller skates out here they are PG oh here we go.

A bloated guys I’ll blind him with my flashlight I’m two fours down always double-check your weapon my the last.

One left I feel like I’m the last one left okay just wondering I mean double check yours yes okay you up to do magazine I need to go to an 8k soon gonna need to pick up one of.
These alright 10 seconds to resupply.

Do this on try to X up top would we get do you destroyed so when you reload when running.

Low with the m4 I like change to the mag 1010 shots I mean yeah you take it out foot back in your chest carrier whichever okay.

Kilo also if any of the audio or anything that’s messed up or distorted or something’s too loud been messing with some setting changes I don’t think we’re trained.

To vault over stuff I think the government ran out of spending too many ICBMs to train soldiers how to.

Properly bolt over but my roads but my pathways who’s.

Going to build all the inclines for the incapacitated soldiers who can fault up to foot walls in video games of course defended where so yeah this is co-op mode they have a few different modes I think this is the normal or just the one above it and they have the actual multiplayer one with all these maps and modes against other people but I have noticed the the multiplayer modes you’re just kind of more camping and just holding.