[pc/eng] Low-tempo Fractal Asmr Adventure Zone | Phonk Chill Smoke Sesh

Down one position I mean you’re still.

Like attacking and trying to get the point but it’s a lot more slow.

Pace it’s fun but I do like do you like me do you like the bass it’s fun that’s when you get lucky we go in with the suppressed mk18 looks like I’m rocking a bone stock got a shoot with the iron sights I learned to shoot up thousand yards with iron sights back in my day I must am NOT zero this rifle correctly in training what else do I got pretty basic for with the only tactical.

Mod tactical a mod I have as a collapsible stock how the how revolutionary of these suppliers to outfit our soldiers with the most tactical weapons most tactical technology a plastic button.

Stock you my the only one left seems there’s.

Another one of my boys but he let me look at his look at his name what can you expect for my name like that I.

Mean has he moved oh he’s starting to come she had to make sure the coast was clear five that’s a.

Technical technical story wait did we just run past just need to resupply I need my suppressed m’kay could have been dead right there this way we’re going SpecOps we’re doing SpecOps without a suppressor only without fault faulting training and it’s.

Probably the most speck of schnapps there that has ever opted in the history of ops Guillaume was about to say I was someone just shot an RPG at their own.

Weapon caches that I was right next to suppressed mk18 we’re going with the single precise single tap shot I’m gonna kind of bad position to get bitch again it’s my little airsoft gun with the 300 blk wonderful.

The new insurgency they added more weapons didn’t even know he was looking at the locked door.

Back to be oh it’s that boy did something good job he did something other than say China’s number one who would.

Said that tactical real-world ops camping in the corner all right that’s backups time to time to expand our horizons chineses Kleist sidearm that was close almost.

Gun with the pistol feel like I got shot a stomach you’re busting Vicky sorry if I’m being annoying you want me to mute my mic so I get.

From that movie for eight seconds all right let’s see what is can we go should we go a little mp5 or should we go we’ll go like sa cop suppressor time we’ll go nothing will.

Go fair bones and thanks all guys for tuning in if you’re enjoying it tactic how many it’s only me him and I him and I not mean him him and I are the only people in this game looks like I’m gonna have to be the most spec spec ops.

Er else our mission is failed yeah there’s some place where these other boys going in the back are you should we go tactical pistol all right we’ll just do one more we’ll go one more.

Time tactical pistol which actually we gotta move.

On this and let’s mod or pistol AP Emma for flesh laser sight actually we need a suppressor flash hey where’s my lease oh it didn’t give it to me I was too late all right oh well bone stock m9 pistol homie operator operator series this is a bad spot for the pistol you got out and we got a.