[pc/eng] Low-tempo Fractal Asmr Adventure Zone | Phonk Chill Smoke Sesh

Russian with backdoor Russian that looks like I’m getting rushed rotate we got rotate they don’t know my location yet alright one mag Dakota kill one guy this is not I’m not going well at this house tactical pistols all right we’re taking it tactical pistol.

Defense drop-down let’s move out and try a tactical pistol the rest of these I don’t like this area but.

We out you we out you I’m the pistol operator so what we do we operate with pistols and only pistols maybe if I had like 3000 materials in this game and.

Then I could buy a red dot rmr port the slides port the barrel then I.

Could be a good alright let’s follow the.

Trail there’s people over here where are you at where you at you like I was just in here don’t worry far range shot moved they’re looking for me but they know the pistol operators and their midsts and the guard the guard did not do his job.

He was not even fazed the silence of tactical operator corner camp just like they’re tied and Special Forces.

School they are see what they got against the pistol okay they’re sending reinforcements they really want the pistol guide the pistol operator was bested he was best administered I really even listen to you.

Guys we’re getting change a change of these to see like we could find pasties and pasties let’s see what kind of what kind of you put water bottle it becomes the bottle you’re putting in a teapot it becomes the teapot what I can fool I can crash be.

If it’s anything is too out too soft let me know how we’ll adjust the volume isn’t City we are surrounded fire there’s.

So many people coming oh my.

God we are down Wow they’re really changing back – oh my god Justin your biddies what your kiddies I didn’t know you had kiddies tonight Pat.

Where your kiddies under your shirt on my own is locking it.

I just saw actually we don’t want this relax all right was like a shooting I was shooting at the ground Charlie is under attack oh shit nice big trees the key Ryan’s on card oh.

No can’t you come back around beep get her please rope in the air oh I see bird was like cool down those actually my bad I just love them too at least we have a counter I’ll do that sambar somebody’s anti yeah yeah I think it nano fast you don’t wanna get snowball at least it’s a that’s sorry is a guy wait up really nice we were way back I’m green I ground getting high ground kill people what they going that way get the tube top he’s still got here.

We’re down what no he was using it when I start and then as soon as he hit the ground it went off sorry sorry let’s try my best sexy her yeah.

I can’t just things like I should backtrack to get high ground then they can’t shatter very high high ground base man hey yo yo-yos can hear me I’m gonna do one more game of insurgency and then I’ll switch over to overwatch I jump on her I need to find a way to have discord separate and stream labs cuz like if I don’t like.

Kind of have a how I wanna hear it’s like loud and then loud over everything else in the stream so I have to have it on like really low volume so it’s like kind of.

Hard to hear you guys I don’t know how it works I think you please teleporter then turret a lot of people oops getting in the LMS we need to happen are doing like five kills Oh get.

Together fucking hell Hey make sure the Makri dies I think we just need to focus target yeah there okay it I’m gonna do this what I’m gonna do this one last modern map so you guys have game for time for one more and now if I finish before.

You I’ll just hop on overwatch whatever go the bridge everything is about let’s see specialists gonna do recon I said everything is viable specialists custom guns I forgot about.

That moving up moving up set damn oh you guys are all it does I haven’t played custom custom weapons yeah this is sweet she got bashed like Oh okay okay you could have seen your secondary in 14 there’s a lot more than 12 shots where’s Ronnie pistols are there no sniper your dad I just spawned I got stuck in can I get my own.

What things or do I have to pick them up you can choose your own weapons okay no I was wondering I must have spawned late then I just wonder it wasn’t a server rule because they just wanted the pistol Ellen I don’t know I could have switched my key bindings yes but dude this is sweet this is the first time I’m playing a like modded server with.

Different guns it’s this is sweet honestly I like Saudis and compliance it’s got loads of mana guns.

Hi guys sweet there’s so many options the Glock 17 can’t save you flash lights yeah I love Oh I’m messing with your head this is cool first gameplay all right we got our do the.

Hem for this oh sorry the hospital hopefully you loads hopefully I don’t have to restart the game.

I have to restart it it’s changing it there we go yeah you got 20 more followers nice to keep it up ouch to start a suppressor I like just gun came out of nowhere I saved your life didn’t know shit I get my haven’t played this game which I got when I was free and.

Stinking head you I’m like if this is the first talk so I think roots trying to tell you that it’s dangerous Oh behind you fall I guess they.

Jumped on the elevator shaft one thing I hate about some maps is how like that certain mods don’t like it’s cool too because I got the Canadians I got the second it’s on the second we want to go missile run I.

Say I’m sad I didn’t see the Glock that’s what I use as my carry they had Glock 18 in 1733 skipped out on the 19 there’s one right outside the door just standing there with his back to you five shit up your ass behind sorry sir also keep in.

You everytime the load you know just cycles over five if you do the quick one it will cycle.

Foot faster than the loads and if you get to eat one it drops to yes it’s on the next floor she will see me least enough leave one pistol.

Thanks for the tips – I appreciate it well that was a nice headshot there jack was means to ask.

Do any of you guys have experience.

With stream labs OBS hate that yes so is there a way to separate your discord like volume into its own separate thing so it’s not just like from your desktop if that makes sense like make.

The dish house cuz like you know what you want to hear versus like what’s heard yeah yeah oh boy there’s a just pond right there.

Hey pole vaults here anyways yeah you know what later is excusing me instantly remarried trying to do my best okay I’ve been hey case to my friends ha ha bro you scary okay Houston I’m really sorry about all the areas I didn’t see all these guys walk up look last time and these cover look breakers like five years now’s my moment to shine sorry involved the bullets one just had to get you this game walks around the corner with a.

Big ol delete in his head Jesus Chinese this place yeah let me use the other bipod 20 seconds guys I guess I mean you have to do.

The chi o sub servers will be us my class and that’s gonna be a person on YouTube that looks like a terrorist terrorist you shoot them if you’re that high okay how do I add this server to a favorite just go into your recent and then if it’s still like it’s still well that’s a hard call 87 hey Justin Kim to get the ferret off.

The first cup got a creek in the court asked me not really because I found this server with custom maps and weapons and it’s freaking insane yeah.

I might be in a couple games I might play this a little more like there are so many weapons so many attachments so.

This again I’m gonna heal yes yes world war two squad all right get back I just shot him in the dick shot probably the best time is happening all right he’s upstairs there’s no way out of there guys.

Oh yeah there is their way you could keep the compass always up on your hood I stand ready watch over northeast northeast watch those stairs I mean I probably screwed you up there when I said door I meant the building down.

Below yeah I was like wait is there tour this time guys what -.

You’re going – I gotta say I like.

Your attitude and I’m having a pleasure plane you mean and yeah I got an STD why didn’t I say.

In the street we’re all screwed out here boys getting the ELSA quick quick jack gets to the gun nice all right get down down to the tunnels stay back renewed Tommy good those temple people doing.

It screw I just throw away my pistol for mp40 well that works there’s usually a guy that comes back here I’m taking the.

Elevator boys down here Oh sounds like a lot of unhappy people are coming after us watch my back back blast watch the windows.

I see them in the second-floor windows mugen ends sorry people up here destroying the objectives get ready watch those doors alright I’ll cut of.

Her east if you got north do we have magnifications if we need it yeah I believe away coming down the second floor let’s get down there Eugene my hands now you know all for one one for all I literally test nothing else I didn’t know where the.

Resupply was even the barrel on the viewer right it’s lost someone needs to make a mind look at the chip mod because I have one for the Mosin that switches into the viewer accessory or something like no not.

Moving no one of them my MA switches it to a dealer looks like crap is there a.

Way to change the reticle in scopes I notice you’re using a holographic earlier for me it’s actually a different kind of instead because you haven’t used workshop.