[pc/eng] Low-tempo Fractal Asmr Adventure Zone | Phonk Chill Smoke Sesh

Mods like for any games when you installed you just like to your steam account yeah you just go into the workshop and then ya search okay yeah I’m coming I’m familiar with it and like this it’s just plug it’s just plug and play basic like if you were to do it right but if you were to like close the game you know download some workshop as long as you have it subscribe I got ya I was just I was wondering because I’m using the church’ con and it.

Had a different reticle than it would yeah there yeah that one actually and have that so if you want that does he I do like the Chevron gives its own like yardage indication say again sorry at this Chevron is gonna the Chevron and Georgia cotton a hug like that it is its own like yardage yardage either throwing you down once the SPD’s just still getting used to.

This man kind of getting lost so sorry if I’m not over there okay my god dang straight is broken every time.

I scroll down and randomly scroll back up like those guys came out of nowhere you Nana mo would happen breakfast rolls locally is wrecking people to death six what you guys want to do is immediately drop the smoke here otherwise you can kiss this.

She’s sunny okay chop it Beauford a nice-nice they’re gonna start coming around I don’t know why.

They literally having somewhere else usually slow but sure they’re okay that they come from all sides what the hell I killed like three but I don’t know like ten they usually swim in that little rocket zone that is so weird I didn’t even.

Realize cuz that it’s literally I thought it was made to have a really tables you know oh okay I’m ready to go in and eat energy bro look at what a screen there’s your body did not see that guy that’s gonna pick up there’s a lot more that I could not hit that guy’s to like.

Me thankfully we got captain.

Me the amount of times I have played this nap I’ve never noticed this mountains look at those mountains those are so gorgeous effing mountains beautiful right like I played this thing like a hundred times have it done not roses Sopranos oh my god how you scare everyone like of all the chances I could have died sorry I didn’t mean that another underground I literally just saved your life hey look it’s like you’re a gun I was talking really oh.

That guy there’s no I literally just sat down and okay a TPS agent six and it’s for any weapon cache counter-attack and operating system on it so basically I’m.

Running a regular hard drive in my PC but I want to upgrade to a stop so this is a stunt like this Thompson I’m loading I listen to this.

Voice 1212 taxes all right we’re getting out I’m just gonna write upstairs good plan if you guys like my ended yeah yeah you send me one yo Justin you there well I think that might be about it might be about it thanks for stopping in shoot a father and I will maybe trash you tomorrow all right.