Protocol – Gameplay (first-person Action Adventure Game)

You and unidentified flying object has been detected the troops are sent to the point of interception you target is in the area the fire other no other candidates on such a mission no mr. president despite his character he quickly inaccurately carries out orders what about the flaw for a soldier a recent divorce is not a serious drama all.

Right so I just need to sign sir what are you waiting for thirty seconds remaining before the launch of the protocol program oh my head and fire just a typical beginning of every operation welcome falling here we hope the landing won’t be uncomfortable I slept swell you guys have a climate control system here it’s nothing the co2.

Exceeds the critical limit automatic ventilation will be performed automatic ventilation is not possible due to defective main powers to.

Fly please mind emergency power you think a dynamo machine seriously a super high-tech capsule with a dynamo machine and where is it oh look I didn’t lie synchronization with the system of the complex has.

Been completed welcome to the protocol please pass the card key through the reader to get permission permission to accent.

Have been received push the button that is located oh you’re kidding me I swear the function has been since active youth emergency opening um why can’t you do this from the beginning hippie the device on your attend has been synchronized with.

The systems of the complex tap on the device screen to see your current tasks remember the refusal to perform the specified actions.

Leads to the violation of the protocol oh god damn it guys you could at least say dude put on some clothes.

You’re going to the fucking eternal frost thank God I’m not shaved it’ll be a bit.
Warmer okay okay this battery died okay I need to insert.

The third battery sure yeah it was really smart to leave the batteries in the cold guys they’re all low well at least there’s a dynamo machine in the capsule and it may be possible to charge.

The batteries it was a good boy I’m a good boy it is strictly forbidden to violate.

The protocol an example of a categorical prohibition in the current circumstance is to throw a snowball into a drone shit even frozen somewhere in the ass end of the.

World I can’t stop thinking about our last family quarrel her voice became engraved in my mind it went deep into.

The brain married to a convict dooty dooty to your wife it’s like you’re cheating on me with the service you know what with it know why it did I.

Ever let myself get involved into this marriage I wonder if I got into all this top-secret bullshit because of the divorce or the divorce happened because of the bullshit like this anyway it’s time to get back to the mission whatever it is so that’s what taxpayers money goes to and I thought.

They’d spend it on cocaine and whores for congressmen although we need to see what’s inside proceed to the terminal and enter the password guys why is nothing working here fork and this is strange screw the whole thing I need to.

Find where this wire leads to and knock well apparently I need something that fits this plug man I wish this beer wasn’t frozen that’s much better I can turn on electricity now please enter the keycard code discard all personal things including clothes wait no what the hell maybe at least inside it’s a bit chilly here discard all personal things.

Including clothes no no I understand you are a soulless cold machine but the hell with you it’s not that cold please your clothes in this special container but no no I was wrong yeah it’s cold discard all personal things including clothes are you fucking kidding me I’m in my underpants in the cold is that not enough for you discard.

All personal things including clothes I need to meet the guy who invented all this please don’t say that you didn’t have enough money to make the lighting inside please.

Stand infrared area to complete the decontamination non-compliance least in the violation of the protocol the subjects initial treatment is over perform preventive vaccinations to comply.

With the protocol can you at least give me a towel we treat the injector from the locker.

Take the ampule with red liquid and administer 200 units into the chest area do not be afraid it will expand your consciousness and.

Could help to scan your brain.

Activity alrighty I hope nothing bad will happen to me but what what the fuck what if I injected into myself to restore vision take the blue pill orally in five percent of cases vision is not fully restored are you serious I’m in these five percent well I hope this is only a temporary effect right your body is ready for a higher dose for.

The next test please administer 500 units of the green medicine great I don’t understand do you want to kill me or just make me disabled please take two.

Back we will now test your small motor skills it’ll never end right take the diamond shape held orally the drug used does not match the.