Last Epoch Update – Alpha 0.5.3 – 1/2 Of Chapter 2 And More

In a world searching for gaining knowledge comes the man the myth a legend in his own mind Britta Cole welcome back guys and gals critical here today I’m bringing an update video on last epoch update zero point five point three all right this update has a lot in it so let’s dive right in mechanics they’ve implemented or walking.

A method of animation cancelling you can now move sooner after using most abilities this does not affect the rate at which you can use.

These abilities and it means that you can attack at full speed while.

Also moving slightly between each attack that should definitely help us casters also while pressing a when mousing close to an enemy now commands your minions to prioritize attacking that enemy which is definitely going to be nice for those minion classes and those pet classes they’ve also made an effort to improve performance they’ve greatly improved the performance of the AI especially for during combat before a grow and on enemies with multiple abilities they’ve also improved it on meteor the damage number and the performance of.

Ignite they’ve also improved performance of the effects at scale based on the size of an object they’ve made some improvements to the UI they’ve improved the comparison tooltips positive changes are now always listed above.

Negative ones and I found that definitely an issue in the past they fix comparisons sometimes having a lot of decimals which is like throwing the numbers off the numbers look really huge.
When there is like such a minor change that it was just it was just.

Too much information for your eyes minion stats now have their own tab and the character sheet this is really nice for pet classes and minion classes added entries to the character sheet for increased stun chance increased me least on chance and mana efficiency so casters this is really.

Nice because you can actually see how efficient you are on your mana which of course if you have no mana you’re basically dead the world map now has tabs for each.

Chapter and I like the way this is done where each one’s got a tab it’s different than having some overall map where you just you you pick your areas like in some game so I appreciate that little touch now changes to enemies it is no longer possible for the omen of silence to drop fewer than five items and I know I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about this they’d be using that as a.

Farm tactic and they go and he might drop one and then drive one and then two or three times later he would have a giant loot explosion and then go back.

To dropping one again they fixed that enemies created by fractured and guarded prefixes no longer drop items this was a nice farming tool too if you found in a mob that had the ability to create multiple mobs and you killed those mobs and they’re usually pretty easy.

To do you had chances of getting a nice loot explosion from that they took taking that out of their pursuers now use.

The correct charge animation and have shield Rush style articles for their charges and I saw this and it looks really nice so get out there and.

Find them because I’m telling you it really does look good all right this one is probably going to be stuff that you’re looking for changes to skills minions now move at different speeds in different situations 25% faster in combat 25% faster when following if they.

Are further than eight meters away from the player and this is definitely this loss was important fifty six point two five.

Percent faster when following if they are further than 25 meters from the player because it was a lot of problem with when you’re playing a player a pet class or a minion class and you got away from your minions and you’re fighting something and they’re taking forever and by the time they walk up either you’re dead or you’ve already killed it now though rush to try to.

Catch up with you and I have definitely appreciate that aura of decay now poisons nearby enemies three times a second up from twice per second added a tree for hunger in souls added lunge a new skill for the night – to a nearby enemy and strike it with your weapon can’t be.

Used without a target this is.

An early concept the developers want your feedback they want to know how it feels to use so make sure.

That you contact them on the forums and in discord and give them some feedback on it added an increase.

Area for meteor summon Wolf’s now sometimes flee when reduced to low health and then rejoin the fight after a few seconds this is kind of an immersion thing where obviously an animal of beasts is not gonna sit there and just die they’re gonna pull out a combat hopeful you get some health back and then maybe.

Jump back in so this is definitely an immersion idea they reworked volcanic orb and added a tree for wandering spirit so there’s some some changes or some updates there’s even new skills so you.

Might want to play with your bill to see what they’ve done maybe you’ll find something else that works better for the bill that you’re playing right now alright guys and.

Gals I’ve saved the best for last level design that’s right we now have access to the first half for areas of chapter 2 this includes the surface the Forsaken trail the ruins of welleran and the shattered valley these levels look quite different than the previous ones particularly in how large and open parts are as these have several new types of enemies which also appear in the arena now now.

When they mean these areas a large they are extremely large now the first airier 2 is a little bit smaller not as big as the last two but the shattered valley took me a whole 15-20 minutes out of the ganks well explored the whole thing now there’s.

One more thing that I found in this update it wasn’t even in the patch notes I’m not sure if they’ve added it elsewhere in the game but you can actually break a door now there’s actually rooms you can break into an.

Area now it didn’t really lead any better lead anywhere there was some loot and there was some enemies but the fact that they finally have a door.

I could break if you guys have been watching my videos from the beginning anytime I see a door I go up to and I’m like median let me and I want to explore and I was so happy when.

I found this door and it broke and here it is for your viewing pleasure now I.