Voltron Legendary Defender Interview – The Garfle Warfle Snick Spectacular

Hello audience and welcome to another exciting episode of carful waffle snick today we are going to be talking about Garf ‘l waterful snick with some very special people of course we’re going to talk about our favorite game designs and our favorite players and we have some very special guests joining us tonight so we’ll see you after the opening.

And team it’s time to form Voltron your tunes into afterbuzz TV the ESPN of TV talk now of the Voltron after-show on afterbuzz TV and that makes.

It sound like we’re gonna have some like deep after-school immoral but really we’re not we’re gonna talk about the game show episode because I love it did you bring a pachinko ball but the answer is no no this is a game based entirely on your wits and ability to improvise crap all right so it’s gonna.

Be fun and interesting welcome back we are talking about season 7 episode 4 the feud with me I have yellow lion mark Tonica report against red lion megan salinas is literally the first time in seven seasons that i have hacked that up green line megan okay everyone the.

Other arm i am black lion katie Cullen and obviously I’m very happy to be here tonight.

Along with our fantastic special guests who actually proposed this episode so we’re super grateful to have you guys on we have showrunner Joaquim dos Santos Lauren Montgomery and for the first time in our studio episode director Eugene Lee great great.

Excited so first I had to talk about this episode yeah yeah it’s always one of our favorites you know we always do kind of like a one-off and they’re always kind of like our.

Little unwind episodes and then this one was definitely that but it also had like a whole nother reason why it existed which we’ll get into later yeah before we get started on all of the fun conversation that we are all really looking forward to tonight ah we need to lay down the usual rules the spoiler.
Rule does not apply because of course the season is over and.

Has been for weeks we are going to say if you want to participate in the conversation come join us.

In the live chat there are a lot of you hello everyone and also come join us in the hashtag on Twitter a bee TV Voltron that said the brand new rule for the season is in effect be nice or get out oh and the light show we are on tonight we have some great bouncers at the tavern of lions and this has been a fun and interesting.

Season for everyone involved your opinions are valid I fully believe that you can express your opinions in a humane and respectful manner and if you can’t you’re getting banned from the channel bye Felicia many people write Marc Madonna kinda is not bad so.

Yeah guys be nice or we will not be seeing you around and that goes for the comments the hashtag the chat all that fun stuff you are fully capable of being kind so do it yeah how are you guys doing today thank you for suggesting this for one for coming on yeah we’re stoked I mean I think Laura and I are like weirdly sadistically stoked because this episode is.

Like strangely divisive there’s some people that grew up like in the generation of like staying home from school and watching these shows you know not there’s some that were sort of peripherally aware of what the were and The Price is.