Voltron Legendary Defender Interview – The Garfle Warfle Snick Spectacular

Right is still on and it’s fantastic Eugene yeah these game shows will never die but they they held like a very special sort of place I’d say especially in like the you know late 70s 80s you really.

Only had a few select channels to choose right and you didn’t get to go to the internet didn’t exist yet you didn’t get to choose what.

You wanted to watch you had to watch what was on at that that’s right and so at a certain point all your after-school cartoons were over and then it was either you can watch the news which no kid wanted to watch or you can watch games yeah that’s right and so it was always a switch over was two game shows and so yeah they were winner prices right amongst them was like basically walking.

Into like a toy shop like every but the other reaction we’ve gotten is just pure confusion and like slight anger at times of people like well there’s why did you even do this if confusing we don’t understand we’re like we weirdly loved that as well from people trying to understand the rules but when half of it is in an alien language like no I just keep going until you get the right answer.
I’m just the same in the right combination and hope that they.

Are interpreted correctly I agree.

Why did you choose the particular games that you did because we had a jeopardy style one we had mini-golf which kind of reminded.

Me of double dare a little bit and directly reference from The Price is Right even to pitch getting down and like taking the measurements and stuff if you look up.

Bob Barker has the exact same reactions that we put in the show like this ladies like getting down and taking the measurements he’s like we gotta go to commercial break lady likes Peter no the show she was trying to yeah Paige was trying to you know force her way out that’s really that’s right yeah wonderful it was.

Beautiful we all kind of I think we just kind of had our favorites like yours was always The Price is Right I had this like huge love affair with family feud when I was in college and this was when like cable was kind of branching out and they had the game show network and so you had like all of the reruns of all the game shows and like family.

Feud and $10,000 pyramid was a huge one we didn’t get to work that one and I’ve actually had like the ideas of like what if it’s like you know just a lure and grin and and everything that they have to guess is just like something random and nobody gets it only allah and quran.

Good game right but uh we got like a password sort of yeah it was win lose or draw yeah with with keith there which was always hilarious and then a little bit of that the the bebo be was kind of like the celebrity name game it was a little bit of that but i think you if I’m not mistaken like that way wasn’t exactly.

Written that way you added that.

Like kind of change humor in there like the little I think cuz they’re originally gonna be different characters that that he was what’s the name but for me it was more like oh these are characters that he would know he would know them like like Naima right pox on you remember from and so we had to make them like the heart the the we don’t even remember yeah I you know we read the scripts every day so we see these names.

So like I know all these characters but when I think the visual Voltron.

Handbook or the Instagram they both without like a little kind of they put blonde font they put a few.

Characters and I was looking at like the poles as far as getting it right and it was kind of split I was like oh good so like we.

But the vast majority of people don’t which is fine they only ever say their name like once and they don’t expect anyone to remember them but it made me feel better that like they actually are kind of hard to remember we remember names like bloom fum because it’s such a ridiculous.

Name 20 times on the screen that’s right we’re at the right course we’ve got it we gotta know who’s who’s what character right but uh but yeah it’s in real life I am horrible.

With names so like I would probably still do about.

As poorly as a master thank you so much holy cow what I love about watching.

That game is that he remembers people in much the same way I do it’s like oh they were at this location.

They did the thing they were wearing this thing but names forget about it so Anton came up and I was like oh yeah he was the one that got I think that’s how I am with the.

Episode numbers you know whenever like we get to like episode 207 like the one with the thing like yeah people will say like that titles the episodes and like unless the title is literally Shiro’s escaped we’re like I know what.

Happens we’re talking because like I remember.

Going through some what the design coordinators like I don’t have you ever gone through the shop yeah shame and they’re there like the one that and then the one they did it they did like the naming convention from friends where I was.

Like the one with the thing the one who does the friend’s name again yeah so they could easily find designs like there’s this program at doing words called.

Shotgun where it’s it’s like it organizes everything by asset name and so like you can easily find anything but yeah they.

They did it this we remember the way that we sow the wind talked about we’re like 219 and nobody knows what the heck – 19 the.

One with the mermaids we’re like the one where Keith leaves I’m kind of going off of that I’m you guys.

Talked about it a little bit the last time you guys were on the show but the look of this episode is something that’s wholly unique to this not only the season but the series.

As a whole do you guys want to talk about sort of creating that sort of game show as like all TV not even just a game show up but a retro game show look – way.

More like a TV program it was bizarre but please tell us about it yeah you know our initial pass on that was we went like deep level fuzzy foots.

On the screen to the point where there was ghosting there was like images that were like slowly.

Crawling up starting at the bottom again that old stuff when you’re young.

You’ve still got the antenna on your TV and you know there’s only.

Supposed to be one character on the screen but somehow there’s two of them and they’re both moving at the same time.

Because that’s how bad the reception was sure you basically made it five nights at freddys at one point yeah I mean what’s weird.

Though is that for us that was fantastic and we thought it would like totally tap into like the nostalgia and and one of our executives I think we talked about it.

Said that there’s what is so bad we thought the file was corrupted the file is corrupted you’re our age yeah people that didn’t grow up with a CRT that’s that’s the thing that was the most nostalgic for me was this the little moment that Bob had with hack car yeah yeah that was very clearly like so as I was going through my appreciation of Family Feud notes ridiculousness in college the one thing.

That I hadn’t experienced like in my youth because Family Feud was new to me it was richard dawson and what he was and he was this really creepy like like like it was normal at.

The time but to me as a college kid.

Wasn’t cool he would kiss like every woman you’re being appalled by this but then seeing like there were women on this show that.

Were like where’s my kiss are you asking like wrapped up in there like I was very concerned for these women like what if one of them didn’t want to kiss him and felt pressured because she was on the show so we didn’t go that far but.

Like as a little homage to like that creepy host yeah there’s that little like like you know he kind of hits on a guy and it’s hilarious to us because Hagar is clearly like the least emotive she just she sits there and let.

You see like there was no change in her whatsoever that whole dichotomy between the two of the of the three.

Of them rather showed it’s an early glimpse of even even though it was a little bit of effect simile the power gap between Bob and oh god why my it’s been such a long day pop seeing like that initial thing of Oh like yes and this is a game shown it’s this.

Thing but after finding out who Bob is like oh there is a big for sure two of them you get the reality bender thing from Bob pretty early on.

Especially if you’re watching one of those blink and you’ll miss it moments of oh the Zarkon family was cardboard cutout so once you figure out he’s cue the Ellimist.

Whatever your reality bender of choice is you kind of go all right this makes it so much more sense and also please don’t murder them oh my god yeah.

At one point he was the base like the last obstacle they needed to pass before getting back to earth right but that was like the episodes were in a very different order yeah production-wise but ultimately when it came to to airing them we swapped a couple around because like getting back to earth on the heels of game.

Show a little more like anticlimax written that it was like that was the project earth was actually like end game for like winning winning the game show and it was cool but it was also like we.

Don’t want like the stakes to be kind of as much of a joke director yeah so uh so we swapped it around and then it ended up being the.

The kind of alone lost in space episode that was that was Eugene all over the place get all this that was a terrifying trip but the I want to talk a.