Voltron Legendary Defender Interview – The Garfle Warfle Snick Spectacular

Little bit about the you know what made the games website come to be in existence so Voltron is a really difficult show to work on and we had lost a couple of our directors so Steve on.

Awesome guy he had let us know like I want to say.

It like eight months in advance he’s like hey guys at the end of season.

2 which Gus is like season one was arc on season two is lotor I’m gonna go do you my aunt my own stuff and like we’re.

Got like eight months to find replacement work great and then poor Chris Palmer is like at the end of season three like all right Chris well you know go your way I’m misremembering though did Steve tell us in a meeting and say I’ve got eight months and then what happen because.

I remember Chris is stacking up in a weird way we’re like this just happened like what Steve no I think what was happening was we were we knew Steve’s end date was coming up soon so I was Chris that’s what was soon as Chris liked his.

His but it was his tone cuz he was like yeah hey guys we.

Were like man it’s happening again second that happened all eyes went to Eugene like you can’t go man we got we got we’re giving a month off we’re gonna we’re gonna make an episode we’re gonna originally the plan was we’re gonna make a Clips episode we’re gonna make a Clips episode we’ll direct it and Eugene gets a month off to kind of recoup and then our execs were like contractually where.

We’re not allowed to do like contractually we have to deliver original new content Netflix which is not a Clips episode so our fix for that was we’re gonna make a game show episode.

We’re going to send reference of all the game shows right to Mir and we’re just gonna tell them if the shot isn’t in these clips don’t use the shot it has to be specific like gameshow camera shots but even from just a purely production like like sort of volume standpoint there’s really only like two sets or something like that.

The– yeah three setups that you need like designs so that’s even just all the way down the line it’s it’s a lighter load I do hope that more shows in the future go you know what we need to put a game show episode put that in.

My reality TV you put that in my animation hasn’t done one yet more game shows like the only things a nation hasn’t done but.

Eugene you you were you were close man you were on the you were on the break I don’t know like.

I felt like after they left like you know it was kind of hard to leave to you know because they were like oh I I.

Can’t leave now either like all the pressure was no but at the same time I was like no I want to see this to the end cuz when I started this I did I did want.

To see it to the end like I said I usually start what I or I usually finish what I start so unlike those other yaho like you did you came through for us like we’ve said it publicly before but let it be known now across all.

Of the internet we love Eugene a lot of Chad love for Eugene so given the sort of background behind this episode then.

Directing this must have been a lot of fun because like it’s a little bit lighter in tone in in the visuals yeah so directing this so I guess when I was saying earlier like I didn’t really grow up watching a lot of these shows like I watched yeah maybe like jeopardy or like wheel of fortune which is kind of similar right but yeah I just had to do a.

Lot of like reference and stuff and yeah and the Steve Harvey that’s right getting all those camera angles correct it was like a huge amount of work because you know our storyboard arts are so used to like staging things in a dynamic way and like you know like cameras literally on the floor and you’re like looking like high up and we couldn’t do any of that so we have to do like the the normal like horizon level at the shoulder just kind of like boring shots.

Boring TV camera yeah you know and then some of the bars just was like having a hard time wrapping their heads around that.

And like even I was too sometimes you get to tilt the camera once and that that’s what pitch hit there’s that and there’s also like we had to sort of cheat some moments like when.

Their feet get locked in there’s like reverse there’s that kind of.

Bob like breaking the fourth wall with his like but pretty much everything else we tried to keep it pretty standard I will say to that like Tim Hedrick was I think.

If not more I didn’t think it was possible to love game shows more but he had like a more encyclopedic knowledge because he was just a couple he’s a couple years older than us so he had like the prime prime prime all the way through the 80s into the 90s like he knew it backwards and forwards and.

Brought so much of that voice this is my new favorite how long is blah so hooches I like what’s a good like 60 seconds the inflection.

Sounds like 60 seconds I mean that kind of.

Fueled us through that entire it’s those little jokes those little moments that they’re just so silly you’re in such a weird situation but Lance isn’t gonna stop right Lance is that guy who’s really.

And who’s a really good friend but who you really do not want on your team for pictionary he’s got a lot of skills but all that is not one I get the Lance approach because like I think I feel.

Like I’ve done that approach to I’m not sure what this is but being silent isn’t giving me a chance so just like do it do.

It like I listen to Kevin and being on key rock every morning and they’ll have people call.

In and and they’ll play like a song in there they got I guess it sometimes you like I don’t know no no don’t you say any guess if you just get something you have a better chance than doing nothing so it’s like I feel like that was pretty much Lance’s approach is like I’m just gonna guess I’m gonna throw everything at the wall maybe something will stick and then you know you’ve got Paige we had a question in chat.

From night that wants to know about Keith’s drawing ability like what what was there is there any sort of background to that and actually did those drawings.

For the show yeah I don’t know I’m just I think that might have been oh.

Yeah always does like the most amazing like childlike looking bro what was rad was seeing it like actually like animated.