Voltron Legendary Defender Interview – The Garfle Warfle Snick Spectacular

Land it looked like they captured somebody’s because like the Red Lion drawing was.

So detailed it went so fast oh my god.

He was actually a pretty good artist some of those – yeah did she did the.

Pictures notebook um Christine did that based off of my story was it your storyboard oh yeah look Christine she.

Drove that show with crayons and everything right I remember the original hag are drawing these actually not look like a car at all it looked like a windy cave drawing like and then like when.

We when we watch sit down were like no he needs to look a little bit more like really understood yes so when I.

Was rewatching this episode I a little embarrassed to admit.

But like during what would have been the commercial break I was legitimately expecting it to go to commercial we did we had one commercial break we would have done a million of them like I would have.

Gone a full you know 22 yeah the whole crazy yeah so crazy Gideon was like a fixture in my childhood he was like I think he passed away from a heart.

Attack unfortunately but we love crazy Gideon and he had the best commercials where he’d like smashed up and I’m going crazy so that was sort of our homage with with the alien there everybody is the look of crazy Gideon right now I was just like I don’t know what I’m watching every type of.

Commercial there’s the commercial that’s the actual commercial which is the crazy Gideon and then there’s like the sponsors where they’ll just kind of read it and then they’ll show the picture kind of what the verb it’s all things right it’ll it’ll just slap an image up and then the announcer.

Just kind of read the roads you looked really uncomfortable are we he’s like asking like are we done yeah and then I want to say we were kind of under time weren’t we and that that’s prompted the so I don’t know if you guys remember Santa’s.

Village anyone who wants to look up on YouTube the Santa’s Village commercial it is there it’s magical it’s it’s California you definitely don’t you’re much to know I actually you know this was also tied into like staying home from school or coming coming home at the right time to like catch this window of.

Commercial but like it was up in the magical land of the sand drip into San Bernadino yeah it was magical no as a child exactly very hot I you know a lot of my cousin’s live out in San.

We go out there you know my childhood brain just imagine the amazingness of Santa’s Village it’s like oh no it’s just a normal place and then Santa’s Village is also somewhere in the mountains but we we kind of modeled Alexia’s kingdom off of they’ll hit the Senate the big one was the visit the good witch’s bakery yes village Blackstone’s bakery yeah it was and lots lots more that was a woman yeah there’s so much more they had these like flying with it flying bees.

You could get in the rides there.

And they had the petting zoo it seemed like like window cut yeah they had the four different screens yeah you tried to mimic it like as spot-on as we could but uh so what the only.