Voltron Legendary Defender Interview – The Garfle Warfle Snick Spectacular

Ghost who didn’t grow up in Southern California everyone else who’s not grown up in Southern California.

Um I’m sure these are on YouTube them all up because I need to see crazy get it.

Yeah standard definition it is horrible picture yeah the sound will have much between like a shape for instance commercial and like a you know I don’t know brothers these stater brothers that’s another whoa what happens when I try to show.

People American Furniture Warehouse and oak Express commercials no wow those are the Colorado commercials did you guys have Larry Parker was he no that’s all so what commercials did you want to do that didn’t make it Larry Clarence Parker executive David Webb you see his name at the end of every episode he’s from Canada and I remember one thing specifically us wanting to do and like that’s getting a little bit of push back.

And we wrote in an email to David we’ve like come on David be our Larry H Parker like meaning like fight for us I don’t know Parker he’ll fight for you like his big claim to fame was like a football dude that got injured in like a motorcycle accident remember his face would show up in.

A window and be like Larry H Parker.

Fought for me he got me to like the biggest settlement.

He’d ever gotten right so what would the space lawyer’s name.

Be advertising like this yeah it’s and it would probably have to be the Paul Reubens character or the or the knife shop let’s doing I think I think we actually may have at one point considered having him do an infomercial for doing that yeah for doing the dives cuz it.

Of a Ginsu knife gimmick that he was using I don’t know if we had the like it was like okay if we’re stunt casting the game show host then like we probably can’t bring him back just for this one little thing and he was awesome here game show host was that Jim John Davidson Jim Henson John John Henson he used to host talk soup yeah and he’s awesome just incredible yeah I do have to ask about Bob why Bob why that name it’s like if we’re going with the idea that this.

This all-knowing being was also influenced by ridiculous earth gameshows yeah I think he established the ridiculousness of the game show.

Format across the galaxy so earth just inherited his foolishness it was the and then like somehow also abducted by Bob that was what they.

Took back right listen Kosmas in chat wanted to know if bob was a certain type of alien or just shows that form.

Or in is just a god of formations that form because at the end you see that he’s this sort of like interstellar cosmic entity Moran’s image versus the image that we see completely different I think he can take any shape any and in that case he wanted to be a little Jetsons put I don’t appreciate the game show host yes and where every time there was a like how did we get here what are.

We doing here it was straight up it turned into a traffic on the 405 not actually answering questions and avoiding any end as.

Hosting a game show bantered it was beautiful he was covered in there is covered in moon do you have a question on.