Voltron Legendary Defender Interview – The Garfle Warfle Snick Spectacular

Rose gameshow challenged look like oh oh I feel like he would have been American Gladiator I had to go with like the the og American Gladiator was like a horrible like tape on the floor I went to a live taping.

Of American Gladiators when I was a kid no to a live taping of the revamp yeah with Hulk Hogan like he was a ho and was it Layla Lee or something like that yeah yeah Gina Carano was one of the gladiators yeah she was my favorite of the gladiators yeah that’s Voltron says American Ninja Warrior wipeout I feel like we may have considered an obstacle course but then that was just gonna be way too late season intensive I would say like og Ninja Warrior because I like that they had muddy water like.

They were both huge fans of that show is feel free to look it up it is one of the funniest there was a redub of takeshi’s Castle which was.

An awesome show as well and then they just dug over it with like the most ridiculous voices it was we like to this day like.

When we’re leaving for lunch we.

Go let’s go but yeah comedy times done like everyone having their own thing like if honk could have been on like the the Hell’s Kitchen yeah yeah yeah yeah totally but then we all we got to kind of slide in the Final Jeopardy which.

Was fun that was pretty great and I do want to ask about that.

Because that was a very specific layout like everyone choosing someone else and everyone giving a reason was that the initial iteration like how long did it take to figure out who was gonna.

Do what I want to say that was Tim Tim you know wanted to show that the team was sort of like at the end of the day had each other’s backs you know how do they get like the better of Bob right.

Because Bob is ultimately trying to break.

Them apart and pit them against each other and if you have a.

Bunch of people chose this one and no one chose this guy then you know people start they would into the game how do they.

How did they all come out on top as like everyone kind of respects everyone else in some small way I think Bob was.

Just trying to help them realize I.

Don’t think he had it out for him I think he was his endgame was like I want these guys.

To work yeah yeah and then you get there but yeah I think that was.

That was all Tim no that’s a smart cookie yeah when we don’t yeah we were like how’s this gonna happen then we read it really is a good work and I do love diggin this is part of Keith and Lance’s dynamic that we’ve had going from day one and that we’ve seen grow and Lance now being the right arm of Voltron and Keith being able to make these I.

Love that we still have just that little teeny bit of antagonism between.

Them where they’re still gonna be jerks to each other on occasion that’s what it’s built on but that they’re definitely able to work together in most situations like we got that later on in the.

Season with you can it like I trust you you can do.

This don’t miss that was it I mean I have that exact relationship with my buddy who lives in Japan we go years and years without seeing each other as soon as we pick back up I mean we’re right into.

Like you know yo mama jokes it’s like that’s the opening salvo it’s like yeah that’s good to see you too miss yeah hey I just loved the idea of Lance has grown like any and he’s like moving on and he’s like I think Keith is the future and he’s opening of and Keith is just so perturbed by the whole game show thing like he’s not even putting thought.

Into it he’s just like whatever I’m just gonna answer this question.

So it was just it was unique to each of their characters of the night which I appreciated and this.

We pre watched it last night and I.

Believe your comment was he saw some really calm reactions from ki yeah being transported to a completely new location and having no idea what’s going on yeah they were.

Very measured questions of like oh hi I’m Keith what are we doing here we actually have a legit yeah so uh Steve is not always the easiest guy to.

Get ahold of you don’t this was one of those where we we had actually called ADR cues on all.

Of those to have like more like concern.

Intrigue in his voice and it came down to like go time and they’re like we’re not gonna get him in time what do you want to do do you want a sound-alike and we’re like no we don’t want to sound like everyone’s gonna.

A him and so we just kind of had to stick with those original Reed’s which were not necessarily greatest right well often times that the first reads are you know we don’t have like the benefit of having like table reads.

Getting everybody on the same page and sometimes they’re coming in at different times so you know it’s it’s almost like that’s your rehearsal your first time out is your rehearsal and then we’ll get a chance at pickups to like do something with a little bit more attention especially when the storyboard is more complete and they have something to work off of the original script had had them as being more confused and dazed yeah confused.

And so when we went with like a storyboard where they were a little more alert like Keith Reed’s didn’t fit to me make sense flying lion robots into making a giant robot man and now it’s just like okay.

What else like what else is going on here you know type to like just be the first one to be ready like all right what’s going on kind of like you know supporting the team and being the team leader and stuff yeah yeah.

But even at the same time diving’s head into a pictionary got it magical little you know bib in his mouth and I imagine Keith was like the most.

Emo of them who like he was sitting in his room drawing yeah it’s kind of like you know he was drawing his what ligers from he had a conspiracy board and there were some things on there that weren’t pictures like yeah future stuff my favorite small moment from the episode is when he snaps the pencil little bits of reality bending before we get.

The straight up you will never leave okay yeah Pidge destroying it at minigolf was the for those of you who missed the hints moment like by the way almighty cosmic power itty-bitty stage yeah we’re running a little short on time is there anything.

About the episode that you guys wanted to talk about that we haven’t covered yet we kind of nailed it oh oh you know what the gogoro part yes my inspiration was actually uh William knew who’s like our.

Background designer and that’s like.

Something he would do but like he’s told the type like.

We play like Monster Hunter together and he wants to talk me and stuff yeah I’m just going to bring more rock back yeah he was so fun in that original the best I mean people like kind of I don’t know got a little angry that he got smacked right upside his head but like just his reaction for.

A different general to take that spot or was it always we wanted to figure out a way to bring anything we’ve learned that the food is a morphic vehicle like that’s it build an entire game show around exactly it’s funny to think of like you know these cardboard cutouts this is the one time we see all three of them interact together as.

A family it’s kind of incredible I love that you know Zarkon yelling at lotor lotor wanting to take it out on someone and always God is more about yeah I’m.

Pretty sure we put we must have put some sort of ridiculous sound effect all that right hopefully I mean I rather like bonk like was Jeff Bennett your guys’s first choice for the game show oh yeah I.

Think so yeah I want to say we’ve got a few additions and like he’s he’s.

Just always got my just good boys he sounds like I want to hear that game show now like I would watch the Jeff Bennett game show lately I would I’m absolutely down he was.

Reading select like some of those like caramel waffles Nick will be back in and he was like this is crazy guys I like all right we are definitely getting the rap all right for a producer so thank you guys so.

Much for coming you guys oh this has been an absolute blast and again thank you for suggesting and I I think it’s the first time we’ve done a very special episode for Voltron and I hope it will not be the let’s do one for the Voltron fun um not saying that’s gonna happen that that’s the yes and.

Talking are you working on any projects that you can tell people about no all right where can the people go if they want to follow you or learn more about your work what are your social medias over aging oh i’m on instagram under unagi don’t worry.

And then on twitter it’s underscore unagi don’t MN art of lauren am on twitter and the best lauren Montgomery on Instagram I’m a.

JD s underscore 77 and JD s underscore two four seven some of those yeah two four seven is definite the Twitter one I have that number there we go that’s Twitter the other ones the.

Instagram and is there anything you want to say to the fans of the.

Show because the next time we see you guys it’ll be after the finale drops oh yeah thanks for watching thanks for being passionate it’s been a joy to create it and bring it to you guys to watch this series this this is my new gold standard for animation.

Dealing with war and it’s real hard to beat out Transformers Prime for that guys thanks again for joining us for this Thank You guys everyone who’s in chat and watching and.

Listening for joining us there’s 700 of you and that is so many and thank you guys for.

Coming in mark where can the people find you you.