24 Hour Overnight Challenge With Strange Doll Abigail The Dollmaker Part 7 / That Youtub3 Family

To find out what happened last night he said he saw you up wandering that throughout the condo that’s what make sense I was asleep in my bed we all fell asleep the don’t remember.

The doll disappeared and we thought it went Adri so well then we all fell asleep after that because we couldn’t find the doll and then dead caught you wandering no does that get stuck in your head that song because I think Europe a long time last night I sleep though here let’s watch the footage let’s show you I don’t remember any of that yeah oh my goodness you know tonight we’ve got.

To put her in bed and read stories to her.

Because I think she got mad I think that’s why you’d been acting weird you’ve been acting really.

Weird okay the boys said you have and I can’t go shows that you are weird yeah don’t make any thought you you’re gonna be nicer to the doll I never did that though but.

I think the dolls like messing with all of.

Us so we need to make sure the rules are followed this is weird okay guys so we have taken Abigail on walks with us today we have been very good with her we have been following the rules we were hiking Manor fresh air yes you joined us it’s Audrey so what I want to know Audrey is did she.

Come spend the night with you last night cuz she disappeared about I think we lost her around 2:30 she didn’t.

Come in the morning Oh Jordan was acting really strange last night she was like yeah so did she show up.

At your apartment not that I know of it I was awake at 2:30 oh my goodness so what if she was sitting.

There like on your chair your desk staring at ya and then when I got up this morning she was there by me just get rid of her we’ve tried it just makes her mad it makes her mad so we figured out finally dad things said we need.

To follow all the rules exactly or she starts making Jordan act weird and Jordan has no memory of it she doesn’t know anything is going on.

Like yeah so now we’re going out to dinner and we’re going to dinner with friends so this is gonna be a little embarrassing that we’re bringing.

Abigail but we have two guys yay we need to cut her away from water we need to make sure nobody likes spills their drink or anything and we have to take her in the bed at night so you guys can do that she’ll spend the night in your room No okay so we got Abigail seated with us obviously she doesn’t need to eat but she’s going to have to stay here and watch me one of tonight she starts doing crazy things because there’s this much water around her and she does not.

Like water I’m getting nervous guys guys we just spilled the water it’s all over the table and it’s like leaking and this is a problem because look who’s here so I want to get you up to speed on what what is so obviously the doll makers.

Behind this and the doll maker made for dolls abigail being one of the dolls there’s only one she’s one of four so these are the other ones to be looking out for so smelly belly TV has a doll right the eyes are.

Huge she’s another one of the dolls so.

She’s we have our doll smelly belly TV has.

A doll who else has it all so the skouries have a doll miss Corey’s and shot of the jaegers have a tall we’re trying to figure out what the doll maker wants because we think that he is using the dolls maybe to spy on us I don’t know but I also wonder if he’s using them to.

Control us because Jordan has been acting weird whenever that’s very late and Jordan doesn’t remember anything and I don’t know what you guys are talking about great we’re showing a room so I.

Just want to get you up to speed on the four dolls so you might want to go to Instagram and follow the oh look if you go to your room and what there’s a doll there it could be eating one of these four dolls this is.

The doll maker Audrey um they’re all friend her they’re all made by the dump I think we should connect or contact the other people that got dolls and see.

What information they’ve been able to find since they got their dolls about the doll maker because we need to.

Compare notes I’m one step ahead here oh good I talked to Charlie Yeager’s we’re actually meeting with them tomorrow oh good we’re meeting with them face to face and they’re bringing.

Mardell so I’m hoping that when the two dolls get together we can see if something happens I’m a little scared about this what.

If they don’t like each other exactly how do you know that they like you or what if they gang up on us or something what if their doll has rules that we don’t know about that’s what we need.

To find out so so hopefully you get to meet your your other sister or friend what I don’t know what you call dolls because you got a readers bed yeah you enjoy need to read a story and tuck.

Her into bed those are rules you cannot never leave her alone no they realize she hates being left alone and the most important I feel right now keep her away from water keep her away from water because I.

Think she starts acting out not in yeah and I’m kind of nervous because we did spill that water there’s a lot of water all over the table I did her and she was kind of close to it I know what’s gonna happen tonight somewhere somewhere she.

In a really personal all right so we’re gonna meet with Joni Hagar’s in the morning with their doll and we’ll see what happens it’s just good luck for.

Tonight look good luck walk us.

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