Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (english Version) – The Exisal In The Room

You hello if here’s a milk it back to dunk on rump uh killing harmony and today we are going to tackle the trial the fifth trial so I already read the damn little bit of text and we’re all set and let’s get this trial started and try to unscramble the madness in this one got a feeling this one’s.

Going to be hard so let’s find out who committed this crime and looks like we’re going back to basics and that person will graduate graduation is meaningless here.

We already know that we don’t need your rules anymore we’ll find our own reasons to live and we’ll do whatever it takes to survive I’ve never seen one of those people seriously what happened to Kokichi why isn’t he here don’t make that face killer this case has some unique circumstances like why cats for this murder the victim’s identity is completely unknown oh god Emmy you’re not gonna you’re not gonna say who dances dude the killer is oh you made it harder.

They’re breaking the rules Oh overall production anyway yes we have no choice but to start the trial under these conditions now come on anyway he would have made it he would make.

There to even talk about the blacken is the mastermind Kokichi we don’t know for sure 100% I don’t think so.

I think there’s something more going on here it’s too soon to decide anything yes certain we.
Don’t even know if Kaito was the victim yeah we don’t know if it was Kaito.

Or Alma being the murderer the victim in this event the victim.

Is Kaito end of discussion no no no we need to be absolutely sure if we don’t positively identify the victim.

Yeah the other person will never show themselves yeah before we can identify a suspect we need to determine who the victim is.

Is the victim but I have my doubt there is a chance that Kaito is still alive if we keep discussing the case I’m sure we’ll see the truth all right so how.

Are we gonna settle it into our perspective file hydraulic press yeah there’s no evidence there is so the victim must be Kaito there’s no evidence that allows us to convert those victim modes of survival it’s too early to declare who the victim is.

Well about homeless clothes that were in the toilet so screw this up a lot of things I have evidence that points to Kokichi being the victim I found this in a hangar yep yes and look here what stains on the sleep and the back that would indicate that cookie Chee suffered an external injury correct the.

Fact that these were flushed down the toilet implies the bare evidence of a crime yep.

What about it kaitos clothes were in the hydraulic press as long as we had that evidence there’s no doubt that Kaito was the one murdered true that’s one of.

Those you’re beautiful evidence thingy that’s true ever since she found the body in the hangar monkeys and instead it that it’s kaitos but why is that I.

Thought we had an understanding I thought she wanted to believe in Cairo is still alive.

Either way it seems Mackey is hung up on Titus clothes in that case I need to determine the flaw on in relying on that evidence if I do that.

I think she’ll realize there’s a chance that Kaito is alive there’s something particularly about those clothes the sleep right because there was a an attack there’s only the sleeve sticking out of the hydraulic press oh yeah that’s true if Kai to have.

Been crushed by the press the sleeve shouldn’t have been empty there should have been an arm inside the sleeve as well yeah so the fact that we found an empty sleeve should come on huh you’re dumber than I thought if I have to go out of my way to explain it to you if you can’t even see that and be quiet otherwise you’re just annoying me okay so what’s your argument this time and it’s the coat sleeves sticking out of the hydraulic press it’s.

Rather talent it couldn’t have been anyone else but Kaito if you can’t see that then you weren’t looking hard enough lucky you’re looking the more.

Murderous than usual dissipation the coat-sleeves sticking out of the hydraulic press it’s rather telling it couldn’t have been anyone else but Kaito if you can’t see that then you weren’t looking hard enough okay so I was looking hard enough what do you mean he always dressed himself in a rather odd manner yeah true he never puts arms through his.

Coat suits so when the hydraulic press crushed him all that stuck out with this coat please if you understand to be quiet already otherwise you’re getting in the way okay so it’s got something to do with they have.

Curtis coat he always dressed himself.

In a rather odd manner here we go never put his arms to his coat but how do you explain the wound on the cove but there’s a wound on his coat a little hole but that was just his right arm he wore his left sleeve normally was the one we found outside.

The press knowing how Keiko wore his coat oh because he put.

His left arm in the left sleeve not the right okay I’m starting to get to see why then maybe neither of his arms were through the sleeves huh it’s a possibility in.

The end your reasoning is full of holes stop getting in my way I have to defeat Kokichi lucky what’s really going on.

Hyrum made up your mind then that Kaito is definitely dead why would you that’s a valid argument come on Akuma hurry up and bring Kokichi here we already know who.

The victim is huh already you sure it’s not too soon we need the suspect present now that he’s the subject of our discussion gotcha I guess I’ll bring him out now that’s your kill but uh god he’s gonna be stuck inside he’s inside there now we got a valid argument great now we gotta take yeah whoops my bad seems like I.

Gave you guys a scare huh Kaito what is this to.

His voice Kaito there was a lot going on so I just hid in an excess all and kind of dozed off that’s why I’m so late it was Alma oh damn it fuck you prick I’m gonna live till I die I’m gonna laugh instead of cry how old are you yeah your appearance right now is fit for a loli asshole like you you’re getting so angry over me is that really you Kikuchi that’s right Cracker Jack are you.

Don’t get it what are you hiding in there sure why don’t you just pop out oh this is more for self defense Little Miss cranky pants would kill me if I showed myself true I understand how you guys must feel you can’t believe it because I’m like this right that’s what I thought in that case I brought evidence evidence the video camera it was in the warehouse but I brought it to the hangar just in case man that was a smart move thanks to this.

I filmed it so everyone could see it clearly the moment the victim died let’s watch this shocking moment all right can you connect the video camera to the monitor all right brother Cooper grab the camera runs up the excess all.

And hooked it to the courtrooms monitor and plate the tape all right so what was on the tape what there you go wait wait wait wait wait wait something’s wrong here huh Kaito wait wait wait wait.

Wait did something happen during that video I just can’t tell would like to hopefully they’ll let me see the video again I don’t I just have this weird feeling like like something’s off with the video just saying I think there’s something off here or maybe the frames skipped a bit on my.

Computer I’m not sure but I hope they show us the video again because I have to be sure there wasn’t no I doubt it the basic functions you could easily do it with a computer so you can still edit it so I doubt there’s.

Some I doubt that MoMA is lying damn it smart move c3 you actually thought that ahead that I bet of that leap of logic ok kataka actually knew that was a good thought okay you can talk your answer is necessary for a.

I see if it’s necessary for a fair discussion then I will answer it’s favoritism okay to editing the footage would be impossible no there’s a way which is 100% real fuck you and I’m going to prove that videos a forgery that’s the case I.

Don’t fucking believe it what I want to watch that video one more time inside the hangar and I think I know how he got away with it I think I know how he got away with that scheme not sure yet I want.

To see that goddamn video one more time I hope this game would let me watch come on I know there’s something wrong with that.

Video I just want to see that video one more time one more time I think there’s something fishy just feels like it stopped so yeah give me a second okay so at.

Least let me have a look at the video one more time be right back okay please let.

Me have that okay so I’m back I just saw the video a couple of times I don’t think if that was real I don’t think because there might be a slight chance that uma edited slightly what’s that what’s that really him no I don’t think so sorry sorry if people are having dinner with watching this you might none just watch the damn thing right now so yeah don’t watch it in front of a dinner table when you’re having.

Dinner because it’ll be just plain disgusting oh.

Shut up why why was Kaito murdered OMA had no reason to kill him yeah that’s a good point he had just told us all that he was the mastermind and that the killer game was over so what would he gain.

By killing Kaito it looks like you finally believe that I’m the one in this exosome with that we can definitively say that the culprit is no I don’t think so you filmed the moment the.

Victim died which means you were present at the scene true as the person who filmed this footage you’re the only one who could be the culprit no I don’t think so but if the culprit shot the video why.

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