Shamasikander, Malaika Arora And Sonali Kulkarni At Savvy Unstoppable Cover Stories

Of how big that okay so I just want to just make sure check them these are normal curves nothing fancy about it to take this and yes yes the games specially designed for you these things obviously I store them in from the sets of knew each other but here’s again these are the actual coasters that we use in.

Photography now don’t buy that okay think so then I have you ever played or seen that came on TV or in movies where.
They have cups and they have.

One ball and you know the Cubs get mixed up you have to find out so this exactly is not okay we don’t have a ball here but we have this the audience remembers to Nana is a risk taker okay this is sharp it’s a real name and you are ready to do this thank you so much the student before we begin I need any one thing if you’re ending it by mistake put you over.

To not enjoy yourself so it would be the enjoyment but something that you will try overcome okay so let’s not have the engine in the first place okay just take your hand off for now I will place this layer right.

Here on top of this poster scoffs just like that okay so so let up this game this game you playing this in because you are a risk taker okay so now if you.

Have to close your eyes close your eyes and I am mixing them up a little mixing them up you know completely shuffling to cover the eyes now if you look at them now would you be willing to smashed full of these cups with your bare hand obviously though right because you do not know.

That’s the deal right I’ll tell you the near white noise here okay I should not make this game so you know how much I see that could get so.

This is what we are going to do so they’re not you are going to help me in this risk I am just take this risk losing my confidence okay take my pain and my watch is just a title and all you need to do Serena once.

I turn my back towards the danger you over mix them up as mix them up as position I will face them apart place them anywhere you.

You can also mix mix the top just like that against your choice again place the mic here your job is to mix them up shuffle them up.

Don’t give them any means don’t tell them you say okay while she does that.

The shuffling the fixing your job is to make sure I’m are people so if your talk is.
To discover mais right as the to.

Do it as it gets okay I’m not using the blind and ideas all right a lot of mid-teens mr. pocket do you know where is the really just do not tell me many other date because now my job is to smash five my job is to smash all of these you might get any views if I’m wrong if I hit the fifth again you see this is where.

The deal goes in some place your left hand on my shoulder okay do not say anything just stand over here in your mind in your mind mentally if you help me the challenge do.

Not say anything now so this etiquette do not see you know what to say they think the Lord said in here I know that I should knock for.

You Martino was you’re getting a bit nervous let’s say anything so I just keep thinking just keep thinking I think of the system okay it’s easier for you think of the system but you okay okay so the other thing I spoke about connection between you and Selena so I’m going slow that connection back Dominic okay in the very afraid way something that you have never experienced both of you towards the audience all right so.

I’m gonna begin where do so honey you will feel something yes good evening ladies and gentlemen tonight is truly truly wonderful an absolute insanity special thank you so much for gracing your time this I’m gonna be playing horse today.

Although I’m an actor but I must say that I am really not much of a feminist get that in a more of a realist realization that.

No matter how much we debate and no matter how much we talk about inequality I just have this one that can never be good correct me if I’m wrong and I know we’ll do that but proven right Souter that species yeah strongly one fella pains I mean you guys it literally haunted us do 100 percent of that job success story so clearly the case Theresa looking.

Super dark I must say though today Sammy is India’s leading women’s magazine house by magnification very limited and Sammy has always had a feature women on the cover who have a lot.

Of substance along style a lot of grace they’ve got their whole journey and treated their own identity of being the ultimate savvy informant that leads us to the hashtag.

Gentlemen a big round of applause for the savvy and stop CoverGirl’s thank you ladies and gentlemen and can I please have on stage mr.

Narita button and also Andrea possibly in German we have a very very special.

Guest with us tonight he is.

Director par excellence a producer a scriptwriter he’s known to be super captain super dynamic is not also for his women centric films I need one national awards for the soul-stirring chun-li bar inducer car as also and the potential war first contribution in Indian cinema ladies and gentlemen this man needs no introduction mr.

Always seen that how women play such a pivotal part in your cinema why is that so constant you know I must say you know the courage that you have.

Served of that subject that you need a name to Chicago ladies and gentlemen dr. ladies and gentleman let’s begin our felicitations certainly I would like you to be on stage sir or girl so first savvy lady ladies and gentlemen is she is enough to be a fitness she’s an avid painter and.

Loves to collect on an artiste if I may say so pretty distributor this nice woman and the backbone of the man we know was we don’t as the complete madness about them Cynthia she’s a woman of many talents and she’s got her own unique identity in a please have stage now us Molly sing halia you know before yesterday see namaz I must say you are stupid you’re super savvy.

But can I if y’all would really like to know what is that once a people to use that keeps you going I know that women are they swear by you by a fitness coach and everything that goes with the the 14 thank you thank you sir.

Thank you so much congratulations gentlemen.

Our next savvy lady she is the star daughter a star sister but as having lady is no less than a shining savvy star herself cancer survivor Oh producer of films and a woman who.

Is outstanding with the strength and talent.

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