Shamasikander, Malaika Arora And Sonali Kulkarni At Savvy Unstoppable Cover Stories

That she’s shown in years we’ve seen she loves life and she.

She believes in herself immensely ladies and gentlemen can I please have on stage the dynamic Samana Rocha tonight no – I have to ask you this question but you know you’ve.

Written such a wonderful book that’s been a period in transformation you know your resonates such good energy what is.

That one thing that you will develop again any kind of advice that your father’s given you would be like.

We have to survive intervention utterly as well and you truly are a survivor an achiever and a savvy open-ended thank you thank you so much thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen Tonetta Russia annexed happy lady ladies and gentleman is the perfectionist a workaholic and her passion is filmmaking she has scripted own success story in Bollywood and such less.

As a producer who’s not afraid of particular here.

You see a business you’ll understand what I’m saying all the Bollywood big waves want to be part of the production ladies and gentlemen Nara be with us tonight so we’re gonna ask.

Somebody on her behalf to take the trophy does not announce she could not be get better she got stuck in a traffic she might be here any moment but.

Thank you so much for this honor I am Anna be shot from spine transition and she is my goodwill ambassador as well as we are very proud to receive.

This tiny sub admiration thank you so much brain Aurora ladies and gentlemen our next happy ladies ladies the Chairman.

She needs no introduction she’s the fabulist actor but she dances it’s like a Washington to be gone a beach a model television rather presenter a lady who stole a book c’mon Aurel Stein she’s multifaceted heart attack can I please have on stage a few words please how did it feel to be the savvy Commodore.

Well good evening everybody.

Is the my association with the magnet publication it goes way way back I think I started off my career whale would like the publication and then to pay for it with society and then to be featured on on savvy come I think magazine for grown up reading and really enjoyed reading.

So I feel really wonderful to be this room tonight is such amazing women hope it featured on the.

On savvy covers and unstoppable other girls so thank you so much for having me on that cover was fun who is a twisting words love I.

Was pretty nervous obviously to be very honest so thank you everyone Thank You Serena wherever you are in authority for always having such a fantastic lineup over of women over.

The others and I think everyone looks forward to every savvy cover girl every single month think about thank you thank you something like well.

I can get truly unstoppable but we would also like you to stay back on stage so that you can join us with the rest of the sappy women who have achieved this honor to come on stage for a photo op wait thank you so much for your time thank you so much to the ultimate unstoppable savvy girls thank you the gentlemen.

Thank you so much thank you I agree as a thank you.

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