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Just about everyone gets the blues during the gray flannel days of winter but for some the lack of sunlight can trigger something worse in tonight’s cover story Kirk quiet shows you what can be done to treat an illness you may not even realized was real we do see some some physiological changes they will go off their food our.

Kodiak always does he’ll start leaving a lot more food so though they’ll definitely decrease their intake of food the most obvious is the arctic foxes we get beautiful coat changes in summer they’re a slate gray color and in winter they’ve got a snow white.
Color like the mornings dawn it’s.

Part of life the change of seasons as we head towards winter not only does the weather change but as the days get shorter and colder we change and sometimes it’s not a change for the better blaah stay in the bed that’s the way you feel in the winter why do I have to get up I could be.

A bit blah Kol is I’m just want.

To stay in a house I like coming out looking back I realized I’ve had this all my life but not to the degree that I have it.
Now as an adult I’ve always liked light in the winter and you know if I.

Would go into a restaurant I’d always pick the seat near a window or if I.

Go into a room that’s dark I’m the first one to open the curtains so there’s this sort of love affair I’ve had was like Marjorie Centofanti is talking about seasonal affective disorder or sad I’m in my 50s and about five years ago it really got to be a problem to the point where I realized there was something going on lead comes.

On gradually and there’s a sort of fuzziness of the mind and then I start you know stuffing carbohydrates and then then I get just kind of slowed down that’s the hardest thing you just get so slowed down that getting dressed in the morning seems like too much effort it’s picking out clothes putting on stockings all I really want to do is wrap a blanket around me and just go to bed the syndrome of depression involves a low mood or an otherwise disturbed mood as.

Well as disturbances and sleep appetite energy concentration and one’s ability to function in normal the normal roles of life when the when the syndrome persists when when.

It’s not just a daily occurrence but goes on for weeks at a time then we call it a syndrome we call it an illness while sad may have always affected us it was just 20 years ago that work done by the National Institute of Mental Health led.

To the recognition of seasonal affective disorder as an official diagnosis maybe in this latitude Oh three to five percent of the population will have a severe seasonal depression the further north you go the greater percentage affected by sad there’s maybe you know 15 percent of the population in this area that have what’s technically known as sub syndrome all seasonal affective disorder and they they’re not clinically depressed or enough to be seen by a physician or a therapist they just.

Don’t function as well during the winter time lack of sunlight can affect serotonin levels in the brain serotonin is a powerful.
Neurotransmitter precursors to serotonin are carbohydrates tryptophan so.

People with the problem sort of instinctively if you know that they maybe they’ll feel better they eat this stuff and they eat too much of it and get obese but they do feel better for a short period of time artificial.

Bright enough at least in the short term to be physiologically active bio bright a Maryland based company as products that vary from artificial windows to clocks that are sunrise simulators to light boxes designed specifically to treat sad it varies by individual but most people need about a half hour of extra light.

In the morning to help them get through the winter time their most unique product has to be the light visor it is quite of course versatile and you could use it if you’re exercising at home perhaps on a treadmill but most people wouldn’t wear it outside.

They just use it in their home maybe while they’re eating breakfast or reading the morning paper especially on a gloomy day like this one there is little doubt that seasonal affective disorder.

Is real and while most health professionals agree light therapy can help not everyone agrees what kind of light works best a Canadian company sunnix bio technologies produces a less intense green light that they claim is just as.

As bright white light these are not risk-free treatments I mean the light sensitivity.

Is one issue but people using a light box can sometimes have adverse reactions for example becoming hyper.

Bipolar disorder or a manic depressive illness can have mild manias triggered by the use of light even if you stop it’s like stopping a drug very quickly for me and I definitely go down in a little hole and don’t want to come out.

Of it and sometimes I know when I’ve had too much of it because I get a little funny tingling feeling and that’s my sign and then I know to turn it off I know it sounds flaky but it’s real no that’s that’s enough of you now if winter is hard on you the best thing to do is first talk to your family doctor don’t try to treat it on your own but.

One of the recommended treatments may very well be light therapy what can be used as a combination treatment of light therapy and medicine but here again the thing to.

Do is talk to your family doctor first to find out.

What works best for you and of.

Course come March April and the days get longer we get more sunlight most people with sad seem to get better okay thank you my pleasure coming up tomorrow night in our cover story more shopping on the internet also means a bigger threat of internet crime tomorrow when you think of the American.

Space program you probably think of Houston Cape Canaveral but the scheduled launch of the space shuttle Discovery next Saturday will mean a lot of excitement here in Maryland Kirk Light explains in tonight’s cover story outer space repairs we are go for.

Main engine start t-minus six five four three two one and liftoff of the space.

Shuttle Discovery with the Hubble Space Telescope the Space Shuttle may blast off from Florida but the next mission of the shuttle has been planned and prepared for here in Maryland the sto CC is the Space Telescope operations control center that’s where we are in Greenbelt Maryland at the Goddard Space Flight Center Goddard is the home of the Hubble Space Telescope Hubble is very complex it’s a very.

Large spacecraft weighs about 25,000 pounds it’s got several hundred different components and a lot of different.

Subsystems and when the Hubble is being serviced we need to it’s it’s like a patient on an operating table but it’s much more complex than that we.

Have to be watching every vital sign on board Hubble to make sure that that things are going right and if we’re having.

Want to be able to respond to it quickly so that it doesn’t get out of hand when Hubble was placed in orbit back in 1990 there was a problem with Hubble’s primary mirror but since it was corrected the results have been impressive highlight of Hubble has been the Hubble Deep Field this is where using the gyros and using the find guidance sensors that we change out and improve.

We locked on to a place in the sky where there was nothing no stars nothing could be seen there and stared at it for ten days just to see what was there and it was amazing what we saw we saw we were able we by staring and looking for a long time we actually looked back in time and we have a census of galaxies that that are relatively new some that are maybe only six billion.

Years old and some that are near there that are in the early years of the universe and the character of those galaxies are very different whether they’re new or old and it’s a major change in the way astronomers think about Hubble is almost halfway through its planned 20-year mission of exploration and just like your car it needs maintenance but there are some key differences the astronaut labor charge is a little bit more than what you’ll see at your local garage but takes literally years to plan one of these.

Missions out and careful detail every second of Discovery’s 10-day mission to service the telescope has been carefully planned especially the four spacewalks that’s when most.

Of the work is done when you put on the astronauts gloves you get a small idea of the training.

And skill it takes to do tasks that would be simple here on earth Hubble may be high-tech but it got heard some rather low-tech methods are used to make the new outer blanket layer that will help protect Hubble from the extreme temperatures of space you have another one over here all right and then which we turn this way just put it in okay at Goddard they’re full-scale mock ups of both the shuttle and of Hubble they’re here so we can.

Build our repair material build it precisely so that doesn’t impact any other operations it might happen like if we want to open the doors we obviously want to be able to do that without pulling a tool out or making any other changes because of a failure four of Hubble’s six gyros the spacecraft is now in zero gyro safe mode and unable to do scientific work replacing the gyros will be one of the key goals of the mission when Hubble is working correctly.

It is able to transmitted data back to earth equivalent to a set of encyclopedias every second this is.

Called the pistol grip tool PGT people who watched the.

Second servicing mission to Hubble may have seen it people watch the Assembly of the space station one may be the NASA channel may have seen it when you’re working over 300 miles above the earth your tools have to work can’t go out to the hardware store and get a get apart for so it has to work the first time in every time these dials here change the torque.

And speed it’s set for five foot-pounds it stopped stopped exactly at 4.8 foot-pounds we’re working with the Russian company right now to transfer the the way this works at the computer technology into a commercial tool and this tool.

Itself while it’s computer-controlled and it’s for space if you did not use military others who use commercial components and didn’t have the redundancies as.

For telepaths we can now sell this for a comparable price to a the Hubble.

Space Telescope is a six billion dollar project even though the cost is high so have been the results as humans we’ve always wondered about the heavens and the Stars the origins of of ours ourselves our planet our solar system our galaxy that we live in.

And where where has it come from and where is it going and.

What’s its ultimate fate and that is a principal objective of the Hubble Space Telescope is to answer that question.

Over the next 10 years with the help of Hubble it will be interesting to find out how close we come to the answer to that question now if you’d like up to the minute information on service mission 3a is launch time approaches you can log on.

To our website at WB f f45 dot-com and click on the site seeing section you can find all the information you need right there I’m not entirely comfortable with the fact that they’re letting you touch so much.

Of that that was just the demo model hope we don’t hear one of the astronauts go what is this and which way.

Does it go like you said I just need a little more training before they actually send me up into space expensive.

Wrench yeah really that wrench that you saw there that I was using that terror is.

About to put it on your Christmas list between a quarter of a million and $300,000 but it’s guaranteed to work and.

It works in outer space I would hope so that’s right thank you a terrible crime outside of Philadelphia a little boy is set on fire we will have that story ahead on.

Fox 45 News at 10:00 and in health news a possible new case one guy thanks for that live report in all those places where no news would.

Be good news tonight and not much news in the weather department either except good news that’s very thankful with all the people jammed down at the Inner Harbor.

Curt Clyde is downtown at the Science Center with Deb Weiner that’s right hi guys you know a couple days ago we really worried about rain tonight but now you couldn’t ask for a better night this is really working out well we’ve got warmer temperatures.

And we had over the Christmas holidays and that’s a little front that we thought might bring some rain down here it’s gone let’s show you the way the current conditions are.

Here at the Inner Harbor 39 degrees calm winds we’re glad about that because gonna be.

Launching fireworks here off the roof for the Maryland Science Center let’s show you the entire world where as of seven o’clock half of.

The world will be into the new year.

So almost half of the world it’s already the year 2000 we take you back to one of the.

Cradles of civilization they had some showers.

And mild conditions in Greece in Italy Rome 40 degrees 35 in Spain with clear skies chance of some showers moving in to the.

North of France some haze and conditions in London at 40 degrees.

Where the new year begins a quick trip across to the new world and we a make landfall in Newfoundland come down to New York City you’ve heard of that place 17 I think probably about 32 to greet the new year and they actually had some snow showers this.

Morning but really there’s no place better to be than right here in Maryland for the last day of the millennium we’ll take it temperatures 14 degrees above normal all right that’s history we’ll let you know what the weather future is as.

We head into the year 2000 live from the Inner Harbor coming up in just a few minutes thank you well reminder now.

Some things that Deborah mentioned earlier severus several streets in the downtown area names ball games and also more from the Ravens that’s it for now back to you thank you Bruce time for our final look at the forecast meteorologist Kirk Light is standing by live at the Inner Harbor with Deborah Weiner Perkin Deborah all right guys it’s beautiful.

About Kirk the key hour of midnight well it’s a good thing it’s happening tonight not last night all the fireworks let’s go ahead and show you Marilyn over the last 24 hours and you’ll get a good idea of what I’m talking about last night at this time we were dealing with clouds as you’ll hopefully see.

There they are look what happened during the day this is what we were worried about Deborah bringing us some rain but it got out of here a little early and now the entire state just beautiful in fact across the entire country very nice a little weak front in the southeast and some rain showers in the Pacific Northwest they’ve been socked in for weeks now but.

For the start of the new year the new millennium really quiet weather is what we’ve got here’s.

What’s going to happen over the next 24 hours we get a front that’s going to try to.

Push down in our direction and cool us off as we head into the new week and then.

Another one maybe bring us some showers early in the week but not much to work with as far as moisture goes so we have got mild southerly winds preceding.

The front here’s your forecast for tonight clear and.

Cool you’ll definitely need a jacket and some gloves but any bitter cold weather it’s just not going to happen for New Year’s Day mostly sunny mild temperatures in the 50s in fact.

On Sunday the Eastern Shore Ocean City area could.

Be looking at temperatures in the 60s but then.

Monday and Tuesday a few showers but any real cold conditions or even seasonable weather doesn’t return until Wednesday so that’s some great news and you know what if you’re y2k complacent.

Just come down here to the Inner Harbor that will get you excited about the new year thanks that’s all for now from Baltimore 2000 we’ll see you.

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