Kirk Clyatt – Wbff/wnuv 2000 New Millennium Celebration & Cover Stories

Throughout the night on Fox 45 I like that y2k complacent we are not – in fact some spectacular sights from around the world already more to come throughout the evening including right here in Baltimore Reisterstown I’m Jeff Abel back to you correct that’s the worst casualty tonight.

We’ll be thankful for some yes it is all business tonight but for many many more this is a one-of-a-kind night of celebration Deborah Weiner and meteorologist Kirk Clyde are at the Maryland Science Center with more on the fun there is so much to this night there are astrologers tarot card reading ice skating a mask parade coming up in a matter matter of minutes and so much for the.

Family that we send our resident big kid out to check it all out that’s right you know my birth certificate.

May not agree but I’m really only like 12 years old and of course this millennium celebration it’s fun for kids of all ages it’s happening right now the city as part of the festivities is sponsoring the Kids Count down 10th and tonight as we speak it’s filled with storytellers magicians and more well you know it only happens every 1000 years so already kids are gonna be.

The special kids of the millennium and I think it’s great that Baltimore has found the time and the space to throw a party for Baltimore’s kids stories I tell will have friendship being responsible have a little bit of mystery in it some singing some.

Drumming and just some fun it’s the 20th worn him I mean 20th century.

Doesn’t matter whether you know what you’re talking about or not as part of the festivities they’re in the tent you can also do all kinds of arts and crafts look I even had my caricature done there so you can have your caricature done for free in the kids tent but you got a hurry because it’s all over at 11:45 tonight because that’s the time you need to come out to see the incredible fireworks show that’s going to be taking place now how’s the weather if you.

Haven’t left the house yet this evening it’s pretty good current conditions here at the Science Center 33 degrees with light winds and that’s good news we’ll have much more including your complete forecast as we head into the year 2000 coming up on Fox 45 News at Ten thank you Kirk the millennium celebration and here the new century is already here in many parts of the world we’ll show you some spectacular parties that head on Fox 45 years of disability of terrorism the safety of the hundreds of thousands of people gathered.

Here but so far everything has gone off without a hitch police say there hasn’t been one incident live in Times Square I’m Sean caleb’s.

Stemper back to you Sean thank you and I’m here now with meteorologist Kirk late can you imagine being in New.

York tonight unbelievable it’s pretty much unbelievable to be here in Baltimore in the Inner Harbor I don’t think I’ve ever seen more lights the city look as alive as it is tonight I think a lot of us have many many things to be proud of this evening I agree there’s an energy here that we’ve never felt in this city that.

Is so true to change so much over the last 20 years and we head into the new millennium with a great fresh hope.

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