Kirk Clyatt – Wbff/wnuv 2000 New Millennium Celebration & Cover Stories

Looking back to 1999 it was a warm here not quite as warm as 1998 but when you average it all out it was almost 1 degree above normal which is significant over the course of an entire year the average high 66 point – the average low 45.5 the hottest day I remember it well.

Cuz that month of July our average high was 91 point four degrees 102 on July the fifth and seven degrees on January the.

6th snowfall well below normal and who would have believed it during the summer but we ended the year with a rainfall surplus now for this day with all the.

Clouds and fog we were still above normal but to just 46 degrees we will boost that up for tomorrow that’s for sure and watch out though for the fog again just a one-degree spread between the temperature and dew point with calm winds and high pressure so expect fog to start for me again soon the Upper Midwest rain in Wisconsin in January that’s what’s happening just a little.

Snow in the Dakotas and that’s diminishing but this is our next chance of getting any rain but it won’t be here for a while and it’s mild because there’s.

Plenty of cold air but the upper level pattern is keeping it blocked way up in northern Canada and Alaska some sections of central Alaska temperatures like 50 below zero Chicago with some clouds but just to the east some record high temperatures for instance South Bend Indiana.

Up to 50 degrees here in Baltimore the fog is closing back in but still surface visibilities not all that bad here’s the upper level winds at 30,000 feet notice.

Where they’re coming from coming from the southwest not from the Northwest so there’s no way any real cold air is gonna start to move on into the picture here is what’s gonna happen over the next 24 hours we’ve still got high pressure in control so that’s.

Gonna keep a southerly flow freezing rain haven’t seen that for a while but fortunately it is well to our north in New York State and.

In Ontario little cooler once you get back into the Dakotas but still for this time of the year some very warm.

Temperatures tonight not as cold as last night because of the clouds and the fog moving in light winds for tomorrow morning clouds and fog then some sunshine in the afternoon but we could be enjoying the kind of temperatures they had in Ocean City today temperatures up.

To 60 degrees maybe by Thursday a change but that pattern is gonna be in place that rain that’s in Wisconsin tonight may be moving in for Tuesday but really no big deal much better weather than we had last year because for instance on the seconds of.

Had a high of 26 degrees so it wasn’t – it wasn’t as nice as what we’ve gotten Alan you know we haven’t had a day off this century I’m very close.

It was absolutely spectacular but.

With calm winds thankfully most of it went up.

We could watch it kind of dodge it as it was coming down a great great show at the Inner Harbor.

Get hazard pay for that I don’t think so all right thank you Kirk in tonight’s health check reports some.

Disturbing news about why it’s not the crap library the other library was long time everywhere the toasted ones I could find you and they might have actually shot it.

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