Diy Upgrading My Jackson Coosa Kayak Bungee Cords

Greetings this your boy Marvin for with great American survival in today is a great day today we are gonna be sharing with you a quick project we’re gonna do a replace the bungee cords on my Jackson kusa fishing kayak guys this has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while I finally found the sort of a replacement.

Bungee cords guys this is gonna be a lot of fun hope you guys are excited stick with us will tell you all about it all right well as we see when we get started this.

Is my Jackson kusa this is an incredible kayak it’s a sit on top fishing kayak.

But all my bungees have all gotten rotten my anchor system is rotting the ones back here are just frayed and they’re just worn out you can see where squirrels have chewed up on everything that one’s gonna break this one right here is for paddle holder this one right.

Here holds your fishing rods on the inside this one goes up here like this all right this one right here is a fishing rod holder goes in the inside hold your fishing rods up and in front.

Of them hang up there the paddle goes here easy enough it goes across here you can.

Hang a net anything as long if you have a float on your net it’s okay to hanging off the side this is where your front of.

Your fishing rods rests but this isn’t all chewed up from squirrels also I’ve been chilling I’ll sand it down and.

Make it smoother and make it look better but the squirrels have chewed up the rail system here oh I just hate him if you have a chance shoot.

A squirrel they’re awful terrible critters look at this look at it’s friggin terrible I mean this is Mike you see this this is a dog leash that we use as an anchor system and.

They have chewed through it awful I hate these things ah all right well as you see I’m gonna get started.

I’m gonna cut all these old cords off and then start running the new stuff through as you see they’re just rotten they’ve held that pretty well because mine stays outside mine does stay on.

The side of my garage so I am having to cut them all off and replace them it’s gonna be on the new one the way it mounts is it runs through all the eyelets and then it runs through these two and you tie knots on.

The inside of these rungs to keep it in place works really really cool very simple for an.

Easy process I’m gonna go get some bungee we’ll get started alright so the way this works is you feed.

This through like so with the new stuff that’s how you start it you just tie a simple overhand knot like that really tight until it folds over itself and binds then you’re gonna feed all this through like so it’s all my cordage it’s all gonna go in this direction so I’ve got to loop it all through real quick then we only.

Have to do it once then this is how it’s gonna fit when it’s all said and done so I might as well do it right so see now this is like this and then we go back sometimes it’s a little hard with some of these bungees cuz really tight fits then we’re just gonna do another overhand knot pull it all down tight once it folds over its bites it’s not going anywhere then you just kind of pull it through like that got a place down.

Here on the cous it’ll lock it so that comes in always oh it’s just come in handy especially if you leaving it and going into a restaurant or whatever it might be there you go that’s the new one as you see.

I’ve made the mistake I left the cordage outside and it faded I was really not expecting it to fade this much that quickly so that’s one piece we’ve done one not all those done this is the paddle holder replaced it did the same thing just cut the old one laid it up.

Against the new staff making sure it was about the same length stuck one part through I’ll show you there all right as I show you here this is one half you just pull it through overhand knot then it’s gonna pull itself back into the rung same thing over here I did put some heat-shrink just so I could get it through easier this is a really tight room so what.

I did is put the heat shrink on the bungee cord at one point and then heated it.

Up to shrink it down work really really well really really well and then this is the rod holder that goes on.

The inside this is just a simple double looped overhand and as you see I did the other side already very cool in.

Case you’re wondering where I got it all from I got it all from the place called paracord Planet off Amazon stuff works really really well yeah if you get the bright colors it’s not gonna hold up very well for the color it’s gonna fade to a lighter color but I think it still looks better than them then the black does you know I like it on there but that’s what it looks like this is the next.

Step for another project very cool so as you see we did the same thing and here.

We just did a double overhand what we did is we did one on this one and knit one on this one and then pull them both together but this one replaced it ran it through the new rung ran it through the rung over here then with the back cargo hatch you do have to.

Kind of do it figure 8 shape otherwise it won’t work because they have to kind of overlap each other like so that makes it a nice tight tight fit very cool.

Sooo this area right here is designed you to install your milk crates or fishing crates and then it’s got this or your cooler or whatever it is you’re carrying with you that day this right here was really simple I like this I almost did this in the dark blue just.

Because I it would fit because of the of the bigger rungs but I like the green on here I figure all it’s gonna be green so we might.

As well go with all of it so what do you think all right and then this is going this is my old anchor chain I.

Will be redoing it and I will be showing you a video on it it’s got some water in here so we’re gonna lay all that out let it dry and then just like before start it off fed the bungy back through the lid looped it back around through the other ports know where everything went this is the rear cargo hatch then at this point you do kind of a crisscross pull in and it goes in like that the rear does have a place for.

You to lock it to that’s one of the things I really like about this kayak is it has locking capabilities for the front and rear hatch so if you go somewhere and you’re like mine are in smaller tackle.

All inside my kayak I can stick my rods in from the front and there’s a space on the side of the opening where the fishing rod points can come all the way to the back and then I could put my rods inside my kayak.

Where if someone’s gonna steal my kayak they’re stealing my kayak and all my fishing gear so I don’t know if that’s a good or bad but there you go guys hope you like it I think it turned out great I just like it I think it looks great I’m looking I’m excited all right guys little Suns coming back out I really appreciate you guys watching this video this right here was.

A quick easy project cost you fifteen fifteen.

Dollars depending on what size bungee you get especially if you can get a good deal you more you buy the more you.

More you save when you buy stuff from like paracord plan it works out great this right here if you bought a kayak used you have a good way to change out your.

Kayak to make it a lot more so this right here I’ve got this one used a friend of mine won it in a fishing tournament and I really enjoy the kusa it’s a great kayak but this right here it just makes it a little more personal.

I like the colours I think it’s a little makes it pop a little more but guys it’s fun before I forget I want to say thank you thank you so much for all you guys do all of them all the comments all the emails all the friendships I’ve developed on from this channel if you liked our video please click it give it a thumbs up if you want to.

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Fun hope you guys do too I hope you guys remember to get out there enjoy yourself and enjoy nature be.

Prepared stay safe god bless guys we’ll see you soon.